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Transformation complete 

My boss Kay Weston owner/creator of Image Essentials has been feverishly working on a new build to transform the I.E. store ~ I have to chuckle thinking back months ago when that gleam came into her eye and she made the comment “think am gonna move things around a bit” ummm for me that means not a bit but she is gonna redo the store and those that know her jump for cover and hide hehehe …. well not really but Kay is a perfectionist and wants things just so ~ first came looking for a new structure one that would fit into her master plan – might be this one or that one just is not right before she spots the right one and goes to work ~ tearing walls, moving walls ok you know what I mean ~ she is into her element and I just sit back and watch…never claim to be a builder or a pose maker like she is so yes I just watch and stay out of her way ~ now all this takes place high in the sky so not to interrupt any day to day store operations and customers have no idea what is going on *oh yes am privy to seeing the store come together bit by bit and piece by piece.  On top of that she is also creating poses for upcoming fairs that I pester her about for time issues ~ but knowing Kay like I do she succeeds no matter if she is working way into the night or my morning since our times do not match ~ she is down under and I am on the east coast of USA ~ nighttime for her – morning for me.


Kay had a huge timeline to get finished by April 1st ~ just was talking to someone earlier that if Kay has to lose sleep to meet deadlines she does it and before you ask if this is a tad biased well it might be but as her employee I can truly attest to the fact she is a hard worker and the store, along with the Sim shows that ~ she will always meet her commitments but that is her.  Again not much I can do xcept doing stuff in the background like checking out things for her when she asks or helping her try out props or poses and keeping her on track with all the other things she needs to complete.  Yup I am her official nag *giggling*

Kay also wanted to provide various area’s in the store to feature pics from the bloggers and or members of the I.E. group so a note was sent out asking for submissions using a pose or a prop and we would choose the best of the best to display their work with a link either to their blog or to their flickr account.  Sadly we did not get a lot of submissions or they were not clear on the instructions of the contest but the ones that are now on display represent some fantastic people that knew just what we were looking for.  Please take time to walk around the store and look in each area for those ones we chose.  I still would like to announce the winners for each area as they really absolutely outstanding ~ In the “Couples area ~ we are showing Patterson Core along with Gerty *one of our IE bloggers*…next up is the Women’s area which features Rudhmellowen *another IE blogger*along with Cheryl Genira,  onto the Men’s area you can find Kai and Silvano *both are IE bloggers* ~ head over to the Gacha/Prop area and you will see Scorpianrose along with Claudia Daxter *who is one of our IE Blogger*, in the last but never least you will see a variety of items some discounted and various other items that show off Tamarind Silverfall and myself *rolling my eyes ~ only because my boss Kay goes YOU DO ONE….and yes I will do as she requests but shhhhh I was completely stressed out spent all day – changed my mind 2 different times to come up with one pic and whew she liked it ~ yeah I know why stress but as with her I am a tad funny about thinking my work ranks up there compared to others ~ that’s all am gonna say about that….Anyway back to what I wanna say about the contest – this is not about money but Kay wanted a way to have place where the members can show off to everyone their best pics using her poses or props.  For the bloggers it also helps to increase their traffic and maybe just maybe pick up some new followers or for those photographers it just might help them with a new client ~ just never know…soooo think you have what it takes ~ will be always looking for those pics that reflect from one group Men,Women,Couples,Gacha/Props,and the Miscellaneous section.  What we are looking for is high quality, clear, concise pics that show off that prop,pose, etc.  Sorry no compositions or rather inserts it does have to be just one pic ~ take a look around at what is on the walls of the store now and see if you can match or do better ~ you can send your submissions in the form of a notecard to myself or Kay for consideration.

One last comment about the new store transformation that Kay also redid the studios and how they work is very easy ~ if you know how to work a vendor you will find these work the same way ~

My wish is that you all please take time to check out Image Essentials transformation and let Kay Weston know what you think of it ~ never hurts to throw some Linden Love into the Wishing Well either ~ as Kay does rely on donations to help keep her Store and Sim into existence.  While you are there you can take the teleport down to the grounds and look around also as Kay has made it a photographers dream as a group member you can rez items just please make sure you pick them up when done.  There are different areas that you can wander around but careful you never know being April Fools if Kay has set any traps for you all *giggling….take care and for my followers and readers I always appreciate you taking time out to read and follow along.  Hugzz

Here is your Limo to visit

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