Fashion 4Life ~ LuxeParis

I was thrilled when I received in my inventory items from LuxeParis ~ there is a lot of to see so I won’t waste time rambling on and on and on….

Dot Romper

First, I want to say that I try to visit each designer that has graciously given articles to blog for at the Fashion4Life Sim they are located on…As I popped in at LuxeParis at the Berlin Sim this outfit she also had as an exclusive was just too cute to pass up so yes I grabbed it. The name as you can see from the pic above is “Dot Romper and just really love you are able to dress it up or down depending on where you are going.  For me it is truly adorable.  What better way to support such a worthy cause as well – very win/win…Next up is a gown that I wanted to show you side by side because she designed it specifically for 2 different looks….

Dancing Dress

LuxeParis calls this the Dancing Dress and can you see why?  The dress on the left I have added the flexi part to it so you have this elegant gown that will move along with you as you spend your night out dancing.  Take away the flexi skirt and you still have a very sleek yet still very elegant long dress that will fit in also for that nite of possible salsa dancing “Ole!”  Oh before I forget to tell you that the Dancing Dress is a very limited edition ~ once the event is over the gown, the dress will be gown ~ so looking at the calendar your time is tick tick ticking…Below we have another gown that also can be purchased at Fashion4Life event.

Aquamarine Gown

Oh what a stunning Aquamarine gown this is ~ very form fitting showing off all those curves and the color is that rich aquamarine I so love…very classic and looks like a perfect addition to anyone’s wardrobe or inventory.

Cote d’Azur

Lastly is this stunning Cote d’Azur bikini that i was told the texture is a designer’s own rl creation.  Looks like an impressionists artistry just waiting for you to wear.  Colors are bold, stylish and the design of the suit is revealing but not a bare all which I also love.   Well there is a lot more of LuxeParis creations to discover at the event and for that here is your limit that will drop you at their door ~ I hope that you will hop on and take a look see what else they are offering. 

Thank you again to LuxeParis for giving me the pleasure of being able to show you some truly outstanding clothes.  Also need to thank Kay Weston of Image Essentials whose poses from her collection of Woman Stands that I used and to my followers thank you for taking time out of your busy day to read.

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