Fashion 4Life ~ Slackgirl

Being a blogger for FFL has provided me with the opportunity to get to meet new designers that after this event I will be keeping up with all they do create.  Like the one am getting ready to introduce you to “Slackgirl” ~ the gown I will be showing off to you is aptly named “Poison” which is a stunning gown that just pulls you in. Putting this on combined with her eye and lip makeup I am ready for the catwalk ~ just to strut myself and let you all drool over this creation.  Really love the whole concept of this gown and feel very sophisticated wearing it ~ I could feel my transformation after putting this gown on as possibly a queen reigning somewhere in a futuristic Sim ~ or leading my warriors off to battle.  Maybe even attending a high fashion gala as I stand there waiting to be admired ~ oh yes all these thoughts come in mind…Look at the pic below and possible your thoughts will mimic mine.

Poison ~ Slackgirl Exclusive

From the long flowing train, the bracelets for both arms, the highly detailed pads on the shoulders and that collar around my neck.  Its truly creative and comes in as a winner for me.  Also Slackgirl has created lip and eye makeup that really put the finishing touches on this overall look.

Liquid Lip and Metric Eye Makeup

A close up so you can just see the eye and lip makeup ~ which she has provided a variety of colors for you to pick and choose.  Looking for something dramatic as this I can tell you am wearing #03 in the liquid lip with metric eye shadow #03 also.

Thank you to Slackgirl for giving me the pleasure of showing this gown to you ~ she has 2 other exclusive gowns as well that you may purchase during this event….take my limo to her store on the Milan sim and snatch this up before the event is over in 6 days.  Here is your ride

Before I forget the hair is a group gift from my favorite hair designer D!va called “Bambi”  kudo’s to her for coming up with a group gift that I ran over and grabbed just I thought it would go well with this gown.  The pose is another one of KaTink’s exclusives “Madison Ave”

For my followers please let me say how much I appreciate you reading my blogs ~ more to come….hugzz

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