Fashion 4Life ~ CST Designs

CindyS Tatham creator/designer of CST Designs has created some gorgeous gowns that will fit in whether you are walking hand in hand with your lover on a beach ~ shoes kicked off to enjoy the warmth of sand on your bare feet or enjoying a nice evening out dancing at the Titanic with someone special under their glorious full moon. Slipping into the first one that she has made her exclusive is the Adamma in Lilac.

Lilac Adamma

I love the color of this gown…nice rich but soft Lilac both are my favorites from the flower of the Lilac to my personal fave color ~ and look how nice the back looks as well ~ very spring/summer look.  The next dress you have to also admire the back of the gown.

Black Bellisimo

Bellisimo the definition is very beautiful and so is this gown.  Simply stated this gown is pure elegance and my look at the back of this gown –  I truly love the bow that adds just a touch of pizzazz that will result in a double look from anyone watching you walk by them.  Put this gown on as I accessorized it just with very simple bangles to complete the look but even just a pair of drop earrings or maybe a teardrop necklace is really all you need if that.  Both gowns are keepers that I will wear throughout ~

My thanks again to Cindy for giving me the privilege to one wear these gowns and two for being able to show it to you ~ looking to purchase either one am providing your limo to the Milan Sim

Thank you also goes to Kay Weston from Image Essentials  for creating the pose from Woman Stands that I use to make me look good as well.

Again as these are CST Designs exclusives all proceeds will go directly to The American Cancer Society ~ my feelings that I will be heading over to her main store once this event ends to check out her other creations.  For my followers again big thank you to those that are staying around to see what else is being offered at this worthy event.  hugzz

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