Fashion 4Life ~ Petit Chat featuring Image Essentials Poses Petit

The next 2 outfits that I am happy to show off for you is from Petit Chat who the creator Trinity Yazimoto did an incredible job transforming her art into her exclusives for the event.  The first dress is Wrap-around and comes with a headpiece as well.


I really like how this dress just fit perfectly and look at the sleeves that look delicately cut out by hand.  The head piece really sets off the whole look and I paired it with “Crossline in Emerald” makeup by Zibska.  Now am off to walk down the streets of Paris looking like a very well together fashionista.  Next up is her Solitude Gown also from her ArtFashion collection.

Solitude Gown

This gown is so stunning yet very simplistic that I wore no jewelry with the barest of makeup so not to detract from the beauty.  A gown that will fit in at the chicest places or strolling a boardwalk during the summertime.  Both of these dresses you will be able to purchase during the event on the Paris Sim, which I have included the link for you ~  Trinity has also made some gacha’s for Fashion4Life ~ she is proud to introduce her “Time” watches.

Gacha ~ Steampunk Rare

The watches are a brand new addition for her and she has taken a lot of care in making each ~ they are ones that you will want to wear especially these are extremely low lag and will keep perfect SL time for you so you will never be late for that dinner date or even an all important shopping event.  The variety is quite large and you might just be pulling on those gacha handles till you grab each one in the vast collection.  I was lucky to have snagged the Brass colored steampunk one.  YAY me!  And Men she has made sure you are not left out either as she has designed 3 different ones just for you.

As happy I am showing off the clothes I will have to not only credit the clothes am wearing but the posemaker who made me look fabulous doing it as well.  Image Essentials with Kay Weston as the creator/posemaker also has 2 exclusives that you just have to TP over to the L.A. sim and grab.  She has a new set of Women Stands that I am using in a lot of my blogs for this event and used in the 2 clothing shots above ~ then I coerced my sweet hubby Sten in posing with me for her other exclusive called “Mirror” as am showing off in the pic below.

Mirror~IE Exclusive

As we stood there posing this song came blasting into my brain from the movie ~ can you take a guess which one am talking about ~ little hint Patrick Swazye and Jennifer Grey…yes you got it “I’ve had the time of my life” the Oscar winning song from Dirty Dancing.  Just looking into husbands eyes I got all mooshy and the song played in my head ~ ok ok yes am such a romantic at times.  But really how can you not think of something so romantic with this pose sheesh so sue me it is just a very inspiring couple pose that Kay has created especially for this event.  Yes yes am gonna put the link to the L.A. sim so you can rush over and grab both the Woman Stand set and this couple pose “Mirror” Here is your ride

My immense thanks goes out to Trinity for her fashionart collections and also to Kay for making me look just as stunning standing there.  Oh and hubby even gives his thanks to Kay for creating a great new couple pose as well.  To my followers again I thank you for taking time to read my blog and please stick around as the event continues till March 29th I still have so much more to show you.

Remember please that all Fashion4Life exclusives all the proceeds go directly to The American Cancer Society ~ this is for a great cause no one wants to see such a horrible disease continue.  Lets make this year a record breaking one and give our part to put cancer behind us…Thank you Again ~hugzz

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