Fashion4Life Now is Open

Fashion 4Life Logo

Its that time again when Second Life puts on the Fashion 4Life Event ~ the purpose for this event is to raise not only money for Cancer but also to raise awareness.  Maybe you know someone either a family member or a close friend that was or is affected by this horrible disease.

Can you imagine taking a shower one day just casually washing along with doing your monthly breast self exam when your fingers find a lump ~ your heart breaks into a trot and all the breath is just sucked out ~ its frightening and just years ago this might of been a death sentence, but with today’s research and medical technology, especially if detected early you can breathe a sigh of relief that while the battle will be hard it will be won.  As that person in that shower that morning I can tell you how scary and frightening that feeling is ~ until I woke up later from surgery and listened to the surgeons words “not malignant” did that panic go away.  Sadly in that same time period a close friend was not so lucky, which is why am so honored to be a part of this. Also makes me proud that Second Life participates.  Listed below are all the links for you for each different Sim. This year Seven Fashion Capitals of the World created by some of the most amazing builders.  If nothing else go to each and just have a walk around.  As with everyone I hope that the word Cancer will one day be just a memory and the disease will be never more.  One last bit of information is everyone strives to make 2015 a record breaking season in the Relay for Life ~ if you cannot afford any of the designer exclusives there will be around all the sims a place where you can drop some Linden love that also will go directly to The American Cancer Society.

Tokyo ~ builder credits go to Ouka Ugajin ~ sponsor is Gabriel ** London ~ builder credits Rebeca Bashly with sponsor Argrace **Paris ~ builder Kaya Angel with sponsor Chop Zuey **New York City builder Sofia Corleone with sponsor Zanze **Berlin builder Setsuna Infinity with sponsor Yasum **Milan builder Maximilianlll Massenberg with sponsor Sage **Los Angeles builder Regi Yifu with sponsor Zaodyeck Magazine ***Central Park North & South builders Spankmy Boucher & Sofia Corleone with sponsor Miss SL Organization

There will be a Fashion Show that will showcase designs and creations from over 100 talented designers in 8 different fashion shows.  There is also a Fashion Hunt that will be ongoing at Central Park North and South.  Each day there will be entertainment for your listening pleasure ~ times will be starting at 1pm SLT also at Central Park.

Take time to head over there and explore all the Sims ~ listen to the music, watch the fashion shows and possibly visit the stores to see what each designer has made exclusive for this event ~ some as I have shown will only be available during this event and afterwards they are just a memory….For those that read and follow my blogs I thank you ~ this event is very dear to me ~ will be showing more of the fabulous designs along with the poses that have been created.  Last FYI all the proceeds from the “exclusives” that each designer and posemaker created go directly to The American Cancer Socieity.  

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