Fashion4Life ~ Zibska and Katink

As I shimmied in this dress, straightened the head piece, put on the eye makeup the transformation had me doing a double take ~ I looked in the mirror and all of it made me feel like one of those models in a famous runway fashion show.  Once I show you the overall look you will know exactly what am talking about.  Zibska has really put some unique looks for her exclusives in the Fashion4Life event.  Look at the below pic to see just what she has to offer ~ the dress is called Edera Dress in Smoke ~

Eldera Dress in Smoke

Can you just visualize yourself strutting down a catwalk to some composers heavy strain of music and stopping right at the end looking straight into the camera then turning around and strutting back down to all the store buyers looking on in approval…a very one of a kind outfit that will have heads turning and onlookers giving YOU the second look.  The dress Eldera  is paired with the headpiece and necklace which both are called Alaina and they may be purchased separately . The dress will have a limited exposure seeing it will only be available during Fashion4Life event to purchase unlike all the other items will be brought into the store after the event is over ~ let me give you a close up of also the eye makeup that is also being offered by Zibska.

Headdress, Necklace and Eye Makeup

Just love how the headdress Alaina sits combined with the necklace they both really compliment the outfit ~ the eye makeup is called Crossline and has such a variety of rich colors to choose from.  Giving the overall a very stunning look.  Zib also has “Flashes” which are her colorful lashes that again comes with a hud as well.  When my hubby popped in he was very complimentary to the look so you just know it is a keeper.  The dress feels like a luxurious silk/satin texture with the length being classified as a mini…a dress that you would feel comfortable wearing when you go exploring the night life in Milan or Paris or any popular city of your choosing and feel very in.  Remember this dress will only be available during the fundraiser so do not forget to make your way over to the Milan sim for Zibska.  I also have the pleasure of showing you her collection of “Noir” Eyeshadow as well.  A variety of different looks can be achieved from mild to the dramatic as you will see in my final pic below.

Noir Eyeshadow

I love to experiment by using 2 different shadows to achieve this dramatic look. Sometimes it is not only the dress but the makeup you are wearing.

Thank you to Zib for giving me the opportunity to show you her exclusive dress and her other offerings at the Fashion4Life Event.  Please remember this really is for a very worthy cause ~ Cancer must be taken down in our lifetime and this event with all our help is a way of paying it forward to The American Cancer Society.

Also thanking Marit creator of  Katink for providing her talents in the pose “Lexington Ave #2 that I used in the pics ~ Katink and all her poses will be located on the New York Sim ~ do not forget to stop in and check her exclusives as well.


Remember lets make 2015 a record breaker and silence Cancer once and for all.

Followers I do have lotz more to share with you, please stick around and if I have forgotten to say thank you for staying around and reading my blog ~ it is very appreciated.  Hugzz

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