Fashion for Life ~ Sage

First let me thank Sage Pexie for providing some yummy stuff to show off to each of you ~ remember to make note of these outfits when Fashion4Life begins on the 21st ~ you seriously will have to hop over to Milan and check out all the creations at “Sage“.  Guess I should quit chatting and just show you what she has to offer….First up is a very sleek outfit just like the car that it is named after “Ferrari” who if you didn’t know is a local Milan Icon and famed automaker ~


Sleek and fabulous as the license plates state…you will feel truly like a Fashionista in this blue satin top and buttery black leather skirt.  There are other colors but the one am showing off is the exclusive and just so rich looking that all I would need to do is grab my purse, possibly a nice wide brim hat and will be set for a day of shopping in Milan.  By the way the outfit is mesh and really fits well.  Remember exclusives are set for all proceeds to go to The American Cancer Society.  The next dress I would like to show off for you is the one she created in honor of her Mother ~ hearing that the first thing that came to my mind was a song “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” seems a fitting place where for me the place where people are happy and healthy….

Angel Pink Gown

A gorgeous gown with the pink Lilly’s  her Mother was so fond of incorporated in the bodice and around the hem of the luxurious gown ~ you can also see the platinum choker and a wrist corsage as well.  The gown is simply stunning on ~ what a perfect way to honor someone with this creation.  I really love this ~ The last but there is no way this gown or creation is the least as you can see below just screams to me “Welcome to Hollywood Starr” as I stand on the red carpet looking around and just in pure heaven wearing this…

Francesca Gold Gown

This uber sexy gown is made out of pure satin with the low back and a dangling gem that is so classic, which will have you fitting right in whether it is like me dreaming of standing on a red carpet or a night with a special someone strolling on the streets of Milan.  Whoever you wear these outfits for will appreciate your good taste in choosing them.  Remember these 3 outfits will be ready to purchase come Saturday the 21st ~ save those lindens for this stunning collection from Sage ~ as a sponsor of the Milan Sim Sage Pexie has truly set the bar high.

Shot on location at my personal studio using Lumi and various Model poses by Noya.  Hair is by D!va, Skin is al vulo, Shape is my own.

Followers please stick around as I have so much more to share with you ~ again my thanks to Sage Pexie for letting me show off her gorgeous and stunning creations.

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