Fashion 4Life ~ “Zanze Provocateur” combined with J’adore Poses

Oh I have some hot outfits to show you from designer Tivi Inglewood who is the Sponsor of New York ~ again all these will be exclusives and proceeds will go directly for The American Cancer Society.  Also as an added note especially the ones that am showing you today will not be offered in her store sooo that means come the 21st when Fashion4Life opens you have a very limited time to get these gorgeous outfits.  Just saying a very limited time and she is also limiting the quantity on a gown that I will be showing you as well.  Without further rambling from me lets get this show on the road.

Reignite Dress

This hot sexy number in my favorite color purple will be one of the exclusives for Fashion4Life that will only be sold here and will not be brought into her main store ~ am sizzling as I get ready to head out for a day of gambling and fun in Sin City otherwise known as Vegas ~ wearing this sexy dress am sure to hit big on the slots as well keeping cool in the dry desert heat.  Do not forget this name Reignite Dress as it will be sold in other colors but the purple is strictly for FFL.  After spending time and winning just enough to hire a driver and a car to take a ride outside city limits am glad I thought of changing into another outfit so I could be ready for the nightlife ~ except geez my luck didn’t hold and here I am standing out in the hot desert sun waiting for the driver to change his flat …telling me stand in shade do you see any shade?  At least this dress Fight Back Gown is so cool am not sweltering in this heat ~ look at the pic below.

Fight Back Gown

This gown is simply stunning in Magenta and remember what I said earlier about possibly be completely exclusive to Fashion4Life event well Magenta will be limited to FFL event and not brought into the store unless it is in the Fatpack ~ if I was you be sure that you snatch this one up now and not regret that you forgot to get it.  A great edition for those hot summer nights that are coming up shortly or if you are like me standing in the desert then its perfect.  Finally the driver got the tire changed but it was so late and I had to change again for my night on the town ~ Vegas and bright lights ~ look at the over the moon gown that Tivi created ~ simply gorgeous!

Bright Lights Gown

This gown was meant for me and Vegas with those bright lights just waiting for me to walk over to the Paris Hotel and try my luck at blackjack, then onto the nightlife at New York New York ~ little dancing and a teeny bit of drinking and eating…yes I know the buffets are scrumptious but look at this gown will ya ~ think I wanna drop any food on this designer gown…by the way this gown Bright Lights is a Limited Edition ~ yes limited is right there will ONLY be 20 copies available to buy ~ no pleading, no whining will help to get one once they are GONE…best remember that and write it down.  Well that is my time in Vegas showing off all the creations from designer Tivi Inglewood who is the creator behind Zanze ~ thank you Tivi ~ Remember all the proceeds from exclusives go to The American Cancer Society ~ so one day that word and what it means will be just a memory.

Thank you also to Shinobu Istmal for providing the poses that I used Alex #6 & #10 ~ her store is “J’Adore” you will find her on Tokyo Sim.  忍 Istmal ポーズを提供するためにもあなたに感謝私は Alex を使用します。彼女の店は ‘j ‘ adore’ 彼女の東京 Sim が見つかります。 Yes I put a translation in Japanese as reading her profile she also has to use a translator into English ~ small way to thank you in her native language…

Sooo are you loving all the stuff so far as much as I am blogging them ~ stay tuned I still have lotz more…thank you

Details ~ Skin by al vulo, Shape is my own, hair is by D!va,

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