Fashion 4Life ~ Yasum

Fashion 4Life

I have the honor of being chosen as a blogger for Fashion4Life Event ~ the outfits will be amazing exclusive and some are created in memory of a friend or family member …As part of SL Fashion 4Life it is a goal to help raise a lot of money for the American Cancer Society so one day there is no such thing as cancer.

My first outfit are two separates from Yasum ~ and I just love all the options she put in creating this ~ instead of just talking about it let me show you

Outfit by Yasum

Both top and pants are mesh so you will need to choose the appropriate sizes and Yasum gives you a nice variety ~ along with that each top and pants come with a huge mega hud ~ purple is my favorite color you can see what I chose for the top and not just the top color but the color underneath it as well you get to choose, which really for one top you have an amazing amount of choices ~ this in my book is a true keeper ~ now the jeans also come with a mega hud that give you not only the variety of sizes but either boot length or if you wear “Slinks” you are given that option as well.  The hud gives you a choice of color for the jeans, the belt, cuffs and which I wondered what that other little box was till I turned around looked at the back…….here let me show you the back.

Yasum jeans

See the hankie or kerchief on the back pocket… that just adorable and you get to choose colors for it ~ yes I know again with the purple but there are other colors as well.  Hey what can I say Purple is my favorite color.  Again the jeans are a keeper especially with all the choices from both huds you can really have a variety of looks.

Sooo from my point I see this a good thing ~ One it is helping out such a great cause putting Cancer in its place by all the donations and you get some great clothes to wear in the process ~ Win/Win for all.

March 21 to the 29 is when Fashion4Life will begin ~ please remember to look for Yasums store she will be located as she is not only a participant but a sponsor for Sim Berlin. There will be a map showing every creator and on what sim they will be.  Truly looks like an amazing shopping venture with all the designers that have volunteered…as with all my upcoming blogs they will feature exclusives from the designers specifically for this event.  I do hope each of you will take time to go over and see first how each sim was created seeing there is L.A., Paris, Italy, Madrid and many others all completely different ~ then all the designers with their exclusive creations that the proceeds go directly for donation to The American Cancer Society. For my followers please stay tune as I have many more outfits to show you which are exclusives for the Fashion 4Life Event.

Details of what am wearing are as follows: Shape is my own
Yasum*Onion Shirt*
Face Paint SweetPea No Lip 1
“”D!va”” “Asami”
“Eternally” Gold and Platinum Claddagh Ring
:Diamante: Eye Gems Piercing
AlVulo ! MEsh eyeliner Starshine black
CCD –  Beauty Mark – L
Izzie’sMidi Rings
Slink Casual
Slink Female Feet  High
al vuloPortia
IKON Lucid Eyes – Purplexion

Pose ~ oOo Twiggy  Shot at my personal studio

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