Man of Many Talents ~ Kodaijin Starfall

Interview with Koda1
Interview with Koda

I met Koda almost a year ago at Image Essentials helping him with something in the store ~ per my usual curiosity I looked at his profile and saw he had some amazing pics on them and complimented him ~ from there it was the start of a really nice ongoing friendship…Koda has helped me and am sure many others in figuring out different tools and techniques in Photoshop ~ he took a lot of time and whole lot of patience on Skype showing me, teaching me some really basic stuff that my pics have taken a giant leap of improvement.  This am grateful and thankful. Which is why I chose him to be my person of interest.  Lets begin finding more about Koda shall we….grabbing my interview chairs and heading out to find a place outdoors that him and I can talk.

Thank you for joining me here today Koda ~ seeing today was so gorgeous I thought we would sit outside for the interview. As I always ask what brought you to SL? “Well originally I came here by recommendation for being social and to get out of my shell. One point I couldn’t even talk to people, even on on Second Life, with out my heart starting to beat faster. However now I am here to have fun doing photos and making stuff.”  And have you seen an improvement with your shyness being in SL now? “absolutely, however also some awesome medication ;p”  Laughing along with that but I do know he does a lot of vaping which is a big stress reliever as well.   

So when did you start taking pics in SL and getting serious about it? “Well, that is a long answer ~laughs~ however when I first started getting into photos I suppose was not long after I started in SL. Although back then it was mostly me doing landscape pictures and filters. ~shakes head~ I could of done so much better even back then if I would of thought to use the same skills I knew, even then, editing real life pictures as for second life pictures. I think I got more serious about it when I needed something more to do outside of my Real Life Photography stuff.” I know that outside of SL your profession is a RL photographer so am asking in your opinion what do you think makes a good pic?  “There is a lot of things that goes into a good picture. I suppose it’s almost the same in both worlds. First and foremost you need to have good composition, then good light (In this case Wind Light), and then finally if you are taking pictures of people they should be fitted correctly. Beyond that it’s all about the edit. Now let me clarify, you DON’T need to edit a picture to have a great picture. There are a lot of people who take some absolutely amazing pictures and they never even open or own photoshop. However I really think we can use tools like photoshop to enhance and correct some of things that are innate with Second Life.”  I tend to agree on some point that I have seen some amazing pics that the only editing done is cropping…Jumping backwards a little before I get too far, is wondering what were you doing before you turned your passion towards photography?  “Before I started doing pictures, at least seriously, I was making sculpts for jewelery. I was not doing a lot of traditional style stuff but using odd shaped stuff to make interesting designs. I want to do it again, however I will be doing it fully in mesh this time. Lot more control and can do some nice baked texturing that was very had to do before with just sculpts. Then of course take a picture with a model or someone ~smiles~” Being a rl photographer is there or was there an huge adjustment factor to taking SL pics?  “I’m still adjusting. In real life photos we are trying to correct problems. Like uneven skin textures, blemishes, stray hair, body reshaping. In Second Life it is totally backwards. We have to add textures and make things a bit more real. It has been quite the challenge but once I figured out that you should look at it from a painters prospective rather than a re-toucher, it becomes a lot more clear.” Talking with you I know you have taking time to teach others myself included and now you are doing tutorials on YOUTUBE can you explain why you decided to start those?  “Oh those. Well I have been teaching quite a number of people, most of which are beginners. I tend to get the same questions over and over again so I decided that if I made some very simple videos detailing out some of the things I do and how to do some things, it would help speed along the process. Now everything I have talked about to this point, and for the foreseeable future, are things already covered in various videos and tutorials, but I thought if I direct it just at editing Second Life, maybe they might get a bit more attention. There is no super secret out there doing what I do, or what others do, it’s a matter of learning it, and then LOTS of practice.” For those that are looking for the tutorials I will provide a link to a couple of them for you.  They are very clear and demonstrate various processes.  Am sure those reading might be curious if you have any suggestions for tips for upcoming photographers in SL.  “I could go on for hours. I think the single biggest thing I could recommend would be to shape light more. Dodge, burn, smudge, ect ect. The biggest problem with Second Life is things look flat, even with the best graphic settings. Beyond that I would say to always work non destructively. Layers are your friend as well as adjustments.” Well from when we first met you really have grown so much from now being a sought after photographer, you work with several magazines, stores, fashion shows and doing tutorials ~ you are definitely a man of many talents.  Thank you for taking time out to speak with me ~ any last words you would like to convey to everyone?  “No problem, and thank you for having me. If you are interested in lessons or wanting a picture done, please don’t hesitate to contact me. Finally, don’t just make pictures, create inspiration.” What a great quote to end on.

For those that would like to look at his Youtube video’s here is the link  Koda also has a very nice flickr page that you can see a variety of his work

For all my followers for the moment will be taking a break with my Person of Interest Series as I have been selected as a blogger for the Fashion 4Life Event and will be working diligently on showing off various outfits ~ cannot wait especially since it is for such a great cause ~

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