Woman of Many Talents ~ Kaijah Chrome

Interview with Kaijah
Out in the Park with Kaijah

Was such a lovely day I thought I would grab my interview chairs and head out to the nearest park to chat with Kaijah.  Yes this woman is one of many talents and I was happy that she was taking time to talk with me. Gives me and each of you a little more insight as to who Kaijah is. Let the interview begin 🙂

Five years is a long time in SL so what brought you here and what keeps you coming back day after day?  “Yes, 5 years is a long time in SL (35 dogs years which is same as SL years! HaHa). I found SL by chance after reading an article on-line about interns doing rounds in a virtual world called Second Life. It peaked my interest and here I am 5 years later!”  Before I go further, big thing I like about Kaijah and she was talking on voice for part of this interview was you can tell how energetic she is and the smiles that just radiates from within. “The people of SL bring me back day after day! My friends, family, wonderful singers I’ve met through our radio station, club owners, my students who I inspire and inspire me in turn, and most importantly, my soul-mate and partner Shane.”  When we first met was through a class that you were teaching of SL Photography, which by the way was so well done and you really made some great points but my question was how did you get started teaching? “A friend was an instructor at New Citizens Inc and out of the blue one day, asked if I would teach a photography class there. That was over 4 years ago and I’m still teaching! My guess is that I’ve had over 2,500 students over those 4 years. I love giving back to the SL community and this is my small contribution to that.” A brief side note on her classes is that if you are just learning about taking pics in SL this is really a great class that I recommend to each of you and is done so professionally.

As a perver of profiles *chuckles* I noticed that you have also a radio station would you care to elaborate on that and tell everyone how it got started ~ “Yes, 2 years ago, Shane & I were talking about all the great talent to be found in SL…singers, musicians, DJs, etc. and it was too bad they didn’t have a way to showcase their talents. ENT SL Radio was born! Not only do we promote the talent in SL, but the venues that support that talent as well. We currently have the largest listener group of any radio station in SL (with over 3300 members). And, of course, we do all of it at no charge to anyone. We currently have over 60 hours of live programming a week and over 26 partner clubs. It’s very rewarding for Shane & I to work together marketing and managing the station.”  Can anyone get on your schedule of DJ’s or is there an application process that they need to fill out? Yes, our show schedule is located on our website at: http://entslradio69.webs.com/on-air-schedule or at the ENT SL Radio Hub http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Bounty/230/215/401 We welcome any person (DJ, singer, musician) who wants to be on air. They just need to be able to stream into SL. Where there is a will, ENT SL Radio is the way! We Bring Your SL to Life!” Looking over the schedule you have a very nice mix of genre was that something that just happened or was it planned? “With 26 clubs hiring performers, there tends to be a natural variety of genres across the board. Variety is the spice of life, right? We feel the variety opens up opportunities for more diversity for residents.” Really looks like a tremendous effort and I do see that you collaborate with your SL Hubby – how does that work for both of you?  “Yes, it is very much a collaborate effort. We both are sales & marketing professionals and we bring those skill sets to ENT SL Radio. We do the recruiting for performers and partner venues, training performers on stream procedures, maintaining the schedule and often recording the on-air commercials for both performers and partner venues. We love meeting all the new people and working together in SL (you can only shop and go clubbing so much until it gets tiresome!)” I agree with you on that as you can only shop so much…So will we hear you on the radio any specific times?  “Yes, you will hear my voice on the radio on Sunday mornings
at 10am doing our talk show on ENT SL Radio called Look Who’s Talking! It’s a variety talk show about SL.” Changing back the subject matter to something we both have in common ~photography ~ and what made you get into that in SL?  “I’ve always had a desire to do RL photography but had never had the opportunity to fulfill that passion. And being that SL is about doing things you can’t/won’t do in RL I started taking photos to see where it would take me! Unknowingly, it has been one of my greatest pleasures in SL! If you’d like to take a peek https://www.flickr.com/photos/87575501@N06/ ~ Yes do take a peek at her pics.  With all that what do you do for fun in SL or is there even time?  “Well, between the radio station, photography business and teaching most of my free time is spent dancing as a backup dancer for my sister, Jen Waddington, when she sings. We have a hoot of a good time and it’s fun hanging out with friends! And of course, sharing time with my awesome partner Shane!” Ooh that does sound like fun to be a back up dancer and I just will have to check her out.  That concludes the interview with Kaijah which I thoroughly enjoyed hearing and talking to her ~ see she is a woman of many talents 🙂  Before Kaijah tp’d away I did thank her again for sharing her valuable time with me and will make it a point to turn my radio and listen to Sunday show ~ well today is Sunday and due to change of that one little hour I was running far behind my normal Sunday schedule but but I do promise next Sunday to make sure I listen.  To my followers thank you so much for reading and sticking around to find out where is the next place or next person I will introduce you to…ya never know. hugzz ~ stay tuned

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