Riverboat Ranch …. Lets find out More

Riverboat Ranch Logo
Riverboat Ranch Logo

Just what is a Riverboat Ranch and doesn’t seem like a contradiction on words on how do you have a ranch with a riverboat ~ well the concept and I will agree a very good one comes from the Owner Marc Pawpad ~ Marc along with his SL Partner Dan Pawpad are the ones I would like to introduce you to along with giving you the skinny on just what is Riverboat Ranch.


As you can see above that is the famous Riverboat and to the left is the Ranch (even though the pic is not showing the whole area, which really is quite large sim and lotz and lotz of horses, cats and various other animals to look at *HINT take a hop over there and check it out psst no excuses here is your ride to Riverboat http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Farallon%20Bay/149/58/22  ~ A pretty nifty idea combing two ideas into one…now lets meet the people involved.

Interview Riverboat1a
Interview with Dan & Marc

Sitting with the both of them on this gorgeous Riverboat I just had to admire the horses behind us and being curious asked are they up for auction or…ooops am kind of skipping ahead a little.  Marc was behind the concept of the Riverboat and uses it as one of the PREMIER Auction places to buy and sell horses or as some call them Breedables ~ this was where Dan and Marc both met as am told by Marc “Dan was scoping me out lol ask him about picture on the barn winks” Sadly I did forget to ask Dan about that ~ yes I know fell short on my duties as an interviewer.  Marc was also the one that also made the comment that I really like “Remember there are no strangers, just friends we have not yet met”  such a nice thought don’t you agree? Was curious why choose horses and not some other breedable?  “When I started the ranch horses were the way to go and over the years we have had many breedables on the ranch, we strive to keep people of riverboat satisfied with their experience with the ranch, who knows if people want a different breedable we will accommodate them we could sell anything, even breedable pooh lol” Ewww I do not even wanna go there at all ~ yuck! Lets move on to my next question and find out that running an auction must take a lot of work does it not?  “Yes, it takes alot of effort – you need to get notecards in check, make sure horses are on right panels, get people to be there on time and most of all have fun selling the horses. Professional yet fun so you capture the buyers and sellers attention by keeping it lively as well as include everyone”  As a side note Riverboat Ranch is an ABC licensed auction house with two of the best licensed auctioneers in sl. They are the PREMIER ABC auction house. If you are looking for a horse to breed their auctions are Mon., Wed., and Fri for ABC horses at 6pm SLT. As I walked around the ranch I saw some amazing and gorgeous horses that anyone can come look around and attend these auctions.  I did ask about choosing a breedable “best advise is to pick a breedable and have fun .. getting traits and stats you like – if “traits” try to get the one you like for beauty  – “stats”  if you plan racing…”

Area set for the Auction ~

Turning around and looking at the area showed in the above pic is where everyone comes and sits ~ the horses that are up for auction are placed as you can see also with numbers attached ~ when you step onto Riverboat you are able to grab a catalog of what is upcoming in this particular auction.  The auctions are held in voice so make sure you can hear and not miss anything out ~ plus you do get to hear both Marc along with Dan who has that sexy down under accent *yes Dan is from Australia* Which brought me to my next question that Marc being on the East Coast of USA means there is a big time difference how do they make this work ~ I love their answer “we work it out as love conquers all barriersyes we have each others back” Before I do forget to add about the 3 horses that were behind us they are giveaways during the auction ~ if you take a closer look there are cupcakes in front of each horse that you can fill out and during the auction one from each is drawn  and ta..da.. you have a gorgeous horse – hey big incentive to come and check out their local auctions that are held every Monday, Wednesday and Friday ~

Stray Cats Auction Site

You can see by the pic above they even have a separate “Stray Cats auctions as well that are held on Tuesday and Thursday.

All auctions are very professionally done with Dan being the Head Auctioneer ~ At the time of writing I was unable to get to one just for my own personal curiosity but I will be making it my goal in the near future.  My last question for both and it seems both of them think alike when I asked if there is anything else they would like to share both of them answered about one another “we are just two happy guys who love each other” replied Dan – “Dan is the man of my dreams and I could not be happier” answered by Marc.. Think that is great words to end on with my interview…..I thanked Dan and Marc for taking time out of their busy lives to let me interview them especially knowing their schedules and wanting some time to be with each other.   Wishing them all the happiness and success in the future as I waved and tp’d back to my home.

If you are interested in becoming a member of their group it is by invite only just to keep down the drama and griefers away and Marc has informed me you can usually find someone on the grounds to assist in getting you into their group~that way you will be kept informed of upcoming events and such.   They also have a FB page https://www.facebook.com/pages/Riverboat-Ranch-Family/254604651242301

For those that do follow my blog again I thank you and for those that are new to my blog please let me welcome you and I wish you will continue following my articles and posts. Always up for an adventure especially meeting new and interesting people soo know anyone that you would like to have interviewed or some place please drop me a NC inworld Starr Ghost ~ stayed tuned for my interview with Kaijah Chrome.  Hugzz

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