The Hostess with the Mostest ~ Trish Philbin

Interview with Trish
Interviewing Trish

Little back story about Trish before I start and yes she will probably blush when reading this but its 100% true and no she never paid me to say anything hehehe ~ Trish is someone I met when I stumbled into Apache bar long long ago ~ yes we are talking hmm almost 6 years ago ~ she was this ray of sunshine just like those pants she is wearing…you just have that moment when you meet someone and just know that you will be life long friends – well that is how I felt when I met her and still today we are friends and we also live on the same Sim.  Trish truly is such a genuine friend that without delving into more of her rl personal life which I will not go there she keeps such a remarkable sparkling attitude…no truly she does and am so happy that she is one that I can share things with and it goes no further as to the same for whatever she tells me as well.  Trish was also the one that took me under her wing and taught me the basics of being a good host…her personality is perfect for that, which is why I had to introduce you to her.  Here is my interview with Trish ~

Thank you for letting me interview you and will start with the one question I always ask about how did you come to SL?  “I have a friend in Ireland that found SL while I was on vacation. When I got back he told me I just HAD to come and check this place out. Well, I checked it out and I haven’t left yet.” When we first met you were working as a Host at Apache so why did you choose that?   “It was something to make Lindens doing and I really liked to chat with people so figured…Why Not a hostess.. How did you get started hostessing?I found a club that was friendly and welcoming the first week I was in SL and I watched the dynamic with everyone in chat and I wanted to join in, but didn’t. When the hostess was quitting, I approached the owner and asked if I could try hostessing. He wasn’t really thrilled to hire such a NEWBIE, but decided to give me a shot at it. I was so scared my first night, but after that I LOVED it. Hosting is something you either LOVE or HATE….there are no shades of GRAY. So I’ve been hostessing since my second week in SL.  I’ve been a club owner several times….but was always the hostess too. I’ve trained a LOT of people and so many are still hostessing too.”  Yes I will say that you trained me and it truly is something you either love or hate and also that I think you are exceptional at your job as host and training ~ so what do you think makes a good host?  “You have to be friendly and like to chat with people. Definitely need a sense of humor and not take yourself too seriously… have to be able to laugh at yourself when you screw up. Most of all… can’t be a DRAMA QUEEN”  All great qualities and will say you do have to love chatting up with the audience.  Now as far as a specific genre do you have a preference on what you like listening to? “I started out working in 70’s/80’s clubs…….that was my genre for years. Then we switched to a country theme and put up a barn and ran with that. Well, I never listened to country music before that and it took a while to get used to it, but after a while I LOVED country music and began singing along. LOL” Yes speaking that you have at “Silverado” for 4 years now ~ long time in one place what do you think makes a club successful? “Mainly keeping the DRAMA out of the club. If you have jerks or troublemakers, you can’t be afraid to IM them and tell them to either shape up or get out. If they continue, as much as I don’t like doing it, you have to ban them from your club. If you are a chatty hostess (which I am) you get to know people and you have to remember all you can about them and others to make them know you are really interested in them and the club appreciates them being part of your club “family” dynamic.”  That brings me to my next question about part of the family dynamic and that is your DJ and from your perspective as a host what are your thoughts on a good one. “He has to play FOR the people
and not just be there for himself. The best DJ’s are the ones that are team players. I have worked with many DJ’s that between us we could finish each other’s sentences because we were a TEAM. There’s no “I” in TEAM.  Grinning on my next question for you about any funny stories that you want to share with you and a DJ? I have worked with some of the BEST and some of the WORST Dj’s. I have a wonderful friend in SL that I have known since my early days of hosting… fact, he was one of the first DJ’s I ever worked with. After work we’d go club hopping and in the early days of SL, anything could happen when you tp’d. He’d tp me and sure enough my shirt wouldn’t come along, so he saw my Ta-Ta’s all the time and we’d laugh about that.”  **Laughs along** Changing up a little for you that when you are not working what do you do for fun?  “I like to club hop and meet new people. If I want quiet time, I like going on SL Hunts. Once in a while I go to a gaming SIM and play Slingo.” Last question for you as I know you are just finishing up a set and want some down time so anything you would like to share with everyone?  “The only thing you really need to know about me is that I’m the same person in SL as I am in RL. I’m friendly….like to chat with people……it would take a lot to make me angry. People have told me that I’m too NICE at times, but that’s just who I am. 🙂”  Well there you have it everyone and knowing Trish now for over 5 years she is exactly who she says she is but I will repeat as I said in the beginning that Trish is one of the nicest people you want to meet and truly love being one of her SL “Sissys” A ray of sunshine and smiles and am blessed to have her as a friend.  If you do pop into Silverado please remember to say Hello to Trish if she is working and hey make sure you show her some Linden Love as well…..that’s it for now but next up will be heading out to the “Riverboat Ranch” to interview the owners so stayed tuned…hugzz

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