The Men Behind Calas ~ Tymus Tenk & Truck Meredith

Welcome to Calas

Calas Galadhon Park is one of the prettiest sims that I have been fortunate  over the years to visit … and if you have not made your way over there where have you been?  The above sign greets you when you land as well as a bigger sign that has pics of all the places you can transport to. Each of the 11 sims has been carefully thought out by two of the sweetest and nicest men I have met in SL ~ Tymus Tenk and Truck Meredith.  I am honored to be considered one of their friends, which is why I wanted to introduce both of them as the men behind one of the most long lasting and gorgeous regions in SL Calas…I also felt truly graced that they gave me this opportunity to interview them, which I thank both of them for ~ hmm possibly it was my charming personality that won them over *giggling* or could of been they are just truly sweethearts ~ which ever the case may have been and without further rambling lets begin my interview…

Interview with TyTruck
Interviewing Ty & Truck

Following from my oh so usual question of how came to SL seems that friends brought you both here.  Not really wanting to delve too far into their private lives I did ask how they both met “We came to know each other
in Second Life from both being group members of ‘Ironworks’ ran by mutual friends of ours”  My next question that I posed for them as I was curious how Calas came to be ~ “The Calas Galadhon, Dimrill Dale and Mirromere sims started out as a private estate with only friends having access. It was Elven in theme. Having created a public Halloween build together in the fall of 2008, we thought it would be fun to open to the public and share our love of creating 3D environments with the SL public. We chose to open in November of 2009 for the holidays with ‘A Country Victorian Christmas’ as Calas Galadhon’s first public build –We kept with the theme of America in the early 1900’s as our theme. Over the years we’ve gradually moved up in time to the 1930/1940’s doing our best to stay away from the present?. Our goal has always been to keep ‘Calas’ as a location on the grid where one can come, relax, feel relatively safe for a time from the craziness that exists in Second Life as well as RL. A peaceful escape ~ Let me just interject at this point regarding their holiday builds ~ Halloween and Christmas from my little opinion is spectacular and truly amazing – choosing music and layout its just in a class by itself.  Now back to asking them more about Calas and why they chose that name ~ “Being a fan of the works of J.R.R. Tolkein and the Sims starting out Elven in nature, I started with names from both Lord of The Rings & The Hobbit. ‘Calas’ Galadhon was a misspell by LL ( srsly …lol) , the actual name submitted as ‘Caras Galadhon’.” As far as the names of the various sims how were they chosen? “Although the nature and theme of the sims changed over the years, we felt it right to continue naming them after locations found in Tolkien’s books.” The names just seem to fit for each location ~ and discussing who does what because knowing you both seems you really work well together so please tell us who is the builder or the landscaper “I’ve always been the landscaper …. The ‘gardener’ with Truck taking charge of most of what goes into a finished landscape in the way of buildings, furnishings and fauna … the many animals (including all of the ‘Calas kitties’ as we like to call them). Over time we both come to rely heavily on each other’s creative ideas / input, particularly when faced with a new project.” Yes for those that have paid many a visit to Calas do know of Truck’s fondness for kitties and always wondering just how many cats are there…not sure I would be up for that task of counting them but hey would make a great contest…Ty also added it is “Truck that finds the good stuff as he *Ty* is not the shopper...and Truck remarked he sent him a stork, but he does not know where to put it hahaha” So who comes up with all these great inventive ideas as you change seasons and add additions? “Life experience really. We both draw from places we’ve lived and explored in our lifetimes as we work our way through a new project.” In discussing further Truck does most of the interior leaving Ty to do the outside gardening and putting out the plants,trees, and creatures, which the plants and trees are just simply stunning *kudo’s to both for choosing some of SL great creators.. Ty and Truck pointed out they have a new artist “Paul van Ginkel” in their gallery that shows off the artists RL paintings ~ all the paintings for sale, which in turn all proceeds from his sales goes to help with support to the Sim.

Speaking with both Ty and Truck you can see how they compliment each other using one anothers strength to work together in bringing us the best of the best “Calas” ~ “people enjoy the little things we put out for them to use” and I will agree 100% on that as I do know that they have a certain friend who enjoys a good brandy and cigar so in a couple of places they put a small bottle of brandy along with cigars…you can tell they go above and beyond filling up their houses with the touches like doilies or a certain period piece of furniture.  Kitchens that you walk into that brings back to mind those good ole days of visiting grandmothers house.  Just as you can tell their sense of humor by the hidden little treats that I won’t give away but pssst do not eat the apples or watch yourself around the skunks. I had to ask them what they think makes Calas so special and here is their answer “For us , it is really the good people we’ve had and have the pleasure to meet when we are out and about working on the sims.” Knowing their time was limited I had asked if they had anything they want us to know “We must say that without the wonderful creative work of the many content creators whose work we use in the Park and without the financial and emotional support from our friends, staff, the live music artists we’ve worked with , our group members and visitors, Calas would not be what it is today. We are grateful to all for making this possible.

I know for myself that I could spend hours talking with them and learning more and more, but they are still hard at work finishing up Armenelos for us to enjoy as they are also “anxious for people to see the new dolphin cafe”  I thanked them for taking time out of their busy schedule to come sit with me.  On my final note when you do head over to Calas and love what you see please please take time to donate some linden love to keep their sim open ~ they rely on donations to help with the upkeep and to keep Calas just as it is….Thank you Ty and Truck again for granting me this time spent interviewing you. For those that would like to know more about Calas please take the link to their website where you can find more about the events, live music, etc. The website provides so much information and gives you indepth look at Calas overall as well.  You may want to join their group called CALAS GALADHON ANNOUNCEMENT GROUP for free which will provide announcements for events, live music and various other matters that might come up. Love taking pics? Calas also has a flickr group that you can show off your pics that you took while visiting Calas.

Here is your LM to go and see and discover Calas

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