..My Person of Interest ~ Kyle McKenna……

A little combination of my person of interest combining with my travels ~ I met Kyle back in November after one of the dance concerts I was lucky to be in ~ he asked about becoming also a dancer which I was more than happy to give him the reference and from then on Kyle and I became really good friends.  Now he won’t toot his own horn but Kyle is a very amazing person, which is why am spotlighting him ~ and sat down to find out more about him ~ no I won’t be revealing any personal secrets he has shared with me but for me and maybe for you it will be a very enlightening interview.

Interviewing Kyle

You can see from the background “An evening on Broadway” which Kyle is the creative director and all around person for this show that is now running at Theatre on the Hill or as most know it “Toth”. And yes the creative one that built the sets, choreographed all the numbers, costumes, etc.  But am jumping ahead of myself in the interview.

What brought him to SL his answer was like most of us curiosity and though his profile shows he is only still a youngin in SL he was here before but due to his computer issues he left and just came back recently to discover so much had changed to quote his words “most wondrous creation”.

What keeps him busy & makes him happy in here his reply was “Well I guess most people would say what i do here is work mostly but to me work is play if you enjoy it.” Also the venue of Toth provides him a place to really shine ~ when talking with Kyle about his work you just could feel all the enthusiasm and his eyes lighting up being able to talk about his work.  One of my questions was who inspires you ” Liza Minelli once sang about a good time girl named Elsie, a lady of the night who lived in Chelsea. For anyone who is familiar with the title song from the musical “Cabaret” they will know who the infamous Elsie is. Elsie, bless her poor deceased heart is and always has been my inspiration. Life is indeed a cabaret, an ongoing performance of comedy, tragedy, laughter, sadness and showmanship. Life is what you make. Life is a stage so give the performance of your life. Elsie had the right outlook on life and she is my inspiration to entertain, to love life and to inspire others to do the same.” What a great answer…

Kyle is such a sweetheart  ~ a little on the shy side at first but in the months since we first talked have learned he truly is one of the “good guys” I threw a lot of questions at him but wanted to spotlight his first big endeavor “An Evening on Broadway” – will post the dates and times at the end along with the TP so you can see this great performance.   In Kyles own words this is how it came to be ” Musical theatre has always been a passion of mine so it was inevitable that choreography and dance would play a huge part in my RL. Tap, jazz and modern are my fortes although I can get by in most genres from Latin to ballroom and everything in between. When I first became a member of the Theatre on the Hill cast I didn’t actually mention that I was a choreographer. My RL relationship had just ended and I was searching for an escape. I was happy to do anything, either on stage or backstage but to my surprise I was offered a performing role in an upcoming show. I remember rehearsing a number in which we were being animated in a dance routine by the owner of the theatre, Oliver Elton. Oliver was directing, producing, performing and choreographing everything in the show which is a huge undertaking so I offered to animate the cast in the dance routine we were doing to free up some of his time. That one routine lead to another and another and everyone seemed really pleased with my input. I think that’s when I told Oliver that choreography was my passion. There are three venues at theatre on the Hill and one day I was asked if I would be interested in producing a show for the cabaret stage. of course I jumped at the opportunity. Broadway has always had a special place in my heart, it’s a magical, inspiring place. My only problem was deciding how to edit three hours worth of songs into an hour show. I built my sets, choreographed my numbers, got my cast together and set rehearsal dates. When Oliver Elton first saw my sets he was extremely happy and said that the production needed a much larger venue so it was moved to the huge outdoor pavilion. the rest, as they say, is history. Opening night was a tremendous success. The theatre was full to capacity and we received many wonderful reviews. Fortunately, every performance of the show since has proven to be as popular and people have nothing but praise for the production. I am so very proud of the cast. Whether it is SL or RL, theatre is hard work and few people fully understand the amount of time that is needed to produce such a show. That said, hard work always pays off and An Evening on Broadway is a testament to that.”

The outdoor stage~ where you can see Evening on Broadway

I was lucky to have been invited to see the very first performance and truly I urge each of you to take time out of your busy SL lives to come and enjoy this hour long performance ~ from the music to all the various sets like the one below ~ you can see how much work goes into a production…

Set design from the show

Kyle even took me on a backstage tour doing a show & tell of various things that I was completely clueless ~

Backstage ~ where the magic happens

All those little tabs are various parts for the production which seems way too confusing but Kyle assured me he is expert in running it ~ I believe he is…

In parting with the interview my final question to him was what would he like people to know and I just love his answer “Be thankful for what you have. Cherish those who are important to you. Be the best you can be because you never know who you are inspiring. Prove your critics wrong and forgive those who do you wrong because life is too short to spend it wrapped up in negativity.”
Now before any of you get into your head he is a great catch well a little secret sorry guys he is very very much taken to a great partner that well umm that I had a tiny hand in getting them together *wink* no wont reveal any other details other than that both are truly sweethearts and am honored to be a friend to both.

I do want to thank Kyle for sitting down with me since his SL “free time” is very limited ~ also to thank him for showing me around Toth and introducing me to my next person of interest *sssh very secret but am told from all I was lucky to get this interview.

Again I urge you all to go and see this production “An Evening on Broadway” at the Theatre on the Hill ~ times and dates are listed below.

Tuesday 13th January – 1.30 start SLT

Saturday 17th January – 1.30 start SLT

Tuesday 20th January – 1.30 start SLT

Sunday 25th January – Noon start SLT

Tuesday 3rd February – 1.30 start SLT

Saturday 7th February – 1.30 start SLT

Theatre on the Hill ~ http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Pure%20Luxury/30/213/23

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