A Formal Nite Out

My absolutely sweet hubby decided last nite was going to be one of dancing and that means dressing to the nines in gown and tux ~ spent most of the day going thru my inventory looking for just the right one ~ before I show the pic of the one I chose will say yes I love mesh clothing xcept 100% mesh gowns most of them do not have a nice swish or flow to them, which as gowns you want them to look nice when dancing and moving ~

Gown by Vero Modero

The gown as you can see is truly gorgeous ~ loved everything about it ~ we hopped over to Foxxes http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Foxxies/122/138/30 – a gorgeous formal place to go dancing.  They do have a strict dress code but this place just feels so right dressing up and dancing the night away to a variety of talented DJ’s that play just the right tunes.

When you first land you see a gorgeous double set of steps leading up to the ballroom area ~ very exquisite atmosphere

Grand Staircase to Foxxies

The dual staircase just really lends to the atmosphere they are trying to create ~even klutzy moi had no problems navigating up and still walking like a “lady”…when you reach the top step and walk in there off to your left is a very nice sitting area that you can sit and chat or wait for someone…

Sitting Area

Walking out you come upon the huge grand ballroom that just was stunning among being laid out so even if the dance floor does get crowded there is plenty of room in various areas to dance.

Grand Ballroom

As you can see by the pic above there is plenty of room to dance ~ with a full sim there were no lag issues and made dancing very enjoyable.  I will even compliment the choice of dances they had to offer ~ you and your dance partner will feel like grand champions of the ballroom.

Since I did want to stroll around the grounds and see what else they had to offer Hubby and I took a walk outside ~ air was brisk but there a hot air balloon ride that neither one of us could pass up ~ baring the cold air we rode while listening to a narrative telling us all about the sim and what it has ~ from horse drawn carriages, rowboats, very nice stores to shop for gowns, tux’s and jewelery but for me I was only window looking ~ there are various places to dance as on the grounds ~ as the sunset hubby found the perfect place to have our final dance before calling it a night.

Dance at Sunset

Foxxies is the place to go for a very romantic outing just remember the dress code is very formal, which for hubby and me it is always fun to dressed to the nines and go out dancing ~ I hope your time there will be just as memorable as ours was…before I go must say thank you to my hubby for the patience while I took pics ~ until next time ~ hugzz

Details on what I am wearing ~ Skin – al vulo *Mimi, Shape – *my own, Hair – D!va *Asami, Eyes – Ikon *Lucid/purplexion, Makeup – {D.A.} *Lipgloss & Pout, Lashes – Mon Cheri *Falsies, Face Piercing – Phoebe Eye Diamonds , Bellystud – Aly *Platinum Falling Star, Gown – Vero Modero *Down Dress, Heels – [hh] *Grace Red, Hands/Feet – Slink *Casual/High,

Location for dress shot was at my studio using LumiPro with Image Essentials *Graceful Elegance *4, the other shots were on location at Foxxies

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