Case of the Missing Manners

Mrs Sherock Holmes

Grabbing my Holmes hat and pipe I set out on a brand new case ~ seems a lot of SL citizens have been missing manners, which leads to so many complaining of pet peeves ~ looking around and wondering just how I can go about finding them again.

First some are not sure what is a pet peeve well my good friend Webster has defined that word as “something that a particular person finds especially annoying” also I do think it goes along with the other word manners ” a person’s outward bearing or way of behaving toward others ~ some may not agree that they go together but my feeling is if you choose to use and apply good manners a lot of the pet peeves would go away.

Biggest pet peeve that I have come across in SL and yes this is strictly for SL as in RL some would never apply ~ lets use common sense ~ RUDENESS ~ the other day I attended a performance to support some good friends ~ yes it involved hearing music yet the audience were sending out “gestures” of “love this tune, whistling, and so on” am sure we all know most of the gestures like that do come with sound ~ firstly this was in such poor taste I sat mumbling to myself “seriously” then being myself I politely im’d the person and asked nicely to please stop and got an earful of FU and so on ~ switching to real life do you think anyone that pays for a ticket to a play would appreciate someone constantly yelling out GREAT TUNE ~ gawd I hope not or at least hold their comments and applause until the song was finished ~ please have a little common sense in SL and think ~

Another pet peeve some mentioned was people on voice ~ I do have to chuckle on that one since several times have been out shopping and hearing people discussing ummm last nite activities with their friends in voice and trust me they were not holding anything back ~ am not a prude but think I rather not have that visual they were describing in my head….Also someone else relayed the fact 2 shoppers were in voice giving their opinion on how ugly a dress was and the creator was standing close by ~ shaking my head on that one.

Speaking with some hosts from various clubs a couple things were brought up “tummy talkers” and child avi’s ~ to each their own if they want to become pregnant and bear a child in SL ~ but I would rather not see “mommy needs to take her vitamins so I can grow big and strong” or this unborn child speaking out in local ~ for me a tad creepy and annoying ~ but this is my personal pet peeve and a lot of clubs are now banning them due to the annoyance factor ~ which brings me to my last point and I am sure if there are comments on this one child avatars ~ only pet peeve I have on this subject is baby talk ~ asking around to others they agreed with this ~ some words are cute but for the most part strictly for me its annoying just like listening to “ghetto speak” Not sure which is worse ~

There were so many that I just didn’t have room to list them all but basically comes down to using something I do wish that most were taught growing up and that is good manners ~ treating others how you want them to treat you ~ takes off my Sherlock Holmes hat, sits down the pipe cuz I really do not smoke anymore and hopes that maybe someone will read this and I won’t have to go back out on the case ~ stick around please seeing you just never know where my travels will lead to ~ hugzz

Details that you just might wanna have ~ Skin – al vulo *Mimi, Shape – *my own, Hair – Lamb *Waiting on You, Eyes – Ikon *Lucid/Purplexion, Lashes – Mon Cheri *Falsies, Makeup – {D.A.} *Lipgloss & Pout, Wedding Ring – Eternally *Gold/Platinum Claddagh, Hands/Feet – Slink *Casual/High, Outfit – Brain Circuit Inc *Miss Holmes (was on a MM board), Shoes – .:KC:. *Revenge Boots (found on MP)

Shot on location at my studio using LumiPro with {NanTra} Back to Black pose

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