Let it go….Day 13

Let it go
Let it go ~ let it go

I chuckle at my brain at times when I look at a pic and just this word or song comes rushing in ~ like this one from the movie Frozen “Let it Go”… Just let it go people ~ it is now Day 13 of 2015 and I have gone back to spending 30 to 45 minutes on paring down my inventory.  What I did want to talk about I will let it go for another day and move on with this topic “letting go”

My sweet and oh so generous boss Kay Weston of Image Essentials gifted me months ago slink hands and feet ~ yes I know can you imagine what an awesome gift that was ~ still need to say THANK YOU ~ anyway whats that to do with today’s topic of letting it go ~ I got rid of most of my non slink shoes ~ not every pair but very few survived my letting go ~ the ones that did were a couple pairs of boots that were gifts ~ and I had tons of non slink shoes from the past 5 years ~ now breathing a little sigh of relief that my inventory is decreasing I will continue to work on this each day till I am satisfied that it is manageable.  That is a goal I gave myself last year and should be completed way before the year ends.  Making myself accountable I will tell you that my starting inventory for 2015 was at 56K ~ yeah I know way too much stuff.

Also not wanting to sound snobbish but…..am getting rid of a lot of non mesh clothing ~ the quality from mesh to non is just umm well that would be comparing ground beef to top sirloin ~ remember this is just my simple opinion ~ clothes do not look like they are painted on but have that depth and lifelike quality who can not help but love them.  Yes I will say there are some that I have held onto for various reasons ~ still not a huge fan of total mesh gowns that have no real movement to them ~ great for modeling but going out dancing or walking some just do not have that fluidity to them.  With that comment I will spend my allotted time trying on gown after gown and either they stay or go based on my above comment.

Lastly letting go of those “friends” that I never speak with or when I say hi just do not have the time or inclination to spend at least 5 minutes for a brief chat ~ my friends list on SL or even FB is not a competition to see how many I can make ~ some I have been friends with for over 3+ years and they are each so special to me ~ yet I do have to say some of my newer friends ahem my hubby is also included in this list am coming to love and cherish them as well.

For me a lot of 2015 or as the song goes “let it go” is concentrating on making my life simpler yet going out of my comfort zone and try new and interesting challenges.  Thank you to those that do take time to read my blog ~ stick around please ~ hugzz

Details ~ I will have to apologize that all the details are incomplete ~ got carried away with the letting go by deleting the notecard that was corresponding with this ~ the outfit was from the Winter Trend Fair ~ creator was cae.b ~ my sincerest apologies for this was not done intentionally and hope I will be forgiven.

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