“Speak Softly and Carry a Big Stick” ~ Teddy Roosevelt

My big Stick

Am interrupting showing you more goodies from the Poe Hunt to discuss manners and respect ~ goes along with the quote of speak softly while carrying a big stick ~ most might not know where this came from but had to do with T.Roosevelt’s ideology on foreign policy ~ maybe we can bring that into today’s world ~

Last nite hubby and I were doing a photo shoot at Image Essentials Studios where I am the store manager ~ when someone asked why a person felt the need to shout “leash commands” out in local ~ and being there I im’d this person and asked politely that question, which in turned turned out to be a full display of disgusting name calling and moronic behavior ~ that ultimately led me to ejecting and banning this person ~ seriously I had no recourse because first off calling me the “C” word among other names doesn’t sit right with me ~ some can say it is just a word but not for me ~ it is one of the most vile words that you can degrade a female with. Secondly there were other visitors on the Sim as well they did not need to be subjected to his idiotic rants.  His wanna be “Master” tactics of intimidation and humiliation were not working and all it got him was ejected and banned.

But where are people’s manners these days that groups ignore a request from someone or just plain ignore completely ~ then when making a comment the person is labeled as seeking drama.  I have seen it happen over and over a lot of groups become cliquey and what others have to say is ignored basically pushed aside.  Seeing that or hearing that irks and annoys that there are some that think they are so much better than others.  Yes I have been in SL for 6+ years sooo what ~ I will still go out of my way to help someone that just joined today or yesterday or even months ago ~ yet I have seen displays of rudeness towards other because they feel so superior. Sadly in today’s world we are filled with such selfishness and only when tragedy strikes do we come together ~ why should it take such horrible events for people to speak up and stand up and be noticed…

You see the pic with me holding a huge sword that represents several things ~ one I try my best each day to be polite and respectful to others but I do not hesitate to take out my sword to ones that I see are rude, have no manners and completely showing utter lact of respect.  Not that my sword is showing but it is my inner strength that I will not allow those around me or my friends to be bullied, intimidated or mocked because they do not fit into a perfect world.  Practice a little more kindness to each other, try to use the manners that I am sure each of your parents taught you growing up and remember treat others how you would like to be treated ~ hugzz

Details:  Today I am going to dismiss them as the message above is more important ~

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