Day 7 Poe Hunt cont’d ….


Still opening all the boxes from the Poe Hunt and came across this outfit ~ a nice warm cozy knitted sweater ~ looks very warm doesn’t it?  Matching it with the red stockings that came with it makes for one that will be hanging in my closet.

The outfit came from “Chic” and taking a quick peak in the store seems the globe is still there ~ look at the hint list under store # 59 for the clue.  The hunt did end yesterday but a lot of vendors are still being very kind in leaving out their globes.  In the upcoming posts I will check to see if the globe is in store before I show you what goodie they put out.

I do have a couple of comments regarding hunts and gifts ~ the 2 hunts that I took on surprised me and at the same time disappointed me ~ in doing the hunt I did find some great new stores like the one this gift came from ~ for me and am sure for others doing a hunt provides a good opportunity to be introduced to new stores and new items ~ just a little disapointed when I open a box from a very well known store that sells hair and their gift was a mask ~ now please do not think am ungrateful for anything yet a little surprised that you would think any store would want to show off what they do best ~ Yes I do know it is a hunt and you need to follow the clue instead of just walking in and picking up the gift ~ but making the object so microscopic or tiny that you spend up to 45 minutes getting frustrated and just pass the store ~ frustration only leads to never going back, vendor loses possibly not one but several new customers due to word of mouth ~ same thing for placing phony objects ~ yes I will agree and say that one or two is fine but when you see they have placed up to 20 or even 50 makes me annoyed and if they do not want anyone finding their hunt gift then why even enter because in just my personal experience I will make a note not to come back.  Hunts are to be fun and provide ways to meet and make friends along the way.  Anyway just my observation that is all ~ till next time please stick around I have lotz more to show you ~ hugzz

Details because you know you want them ~ Skin – al vulo *Mimi, Shape – *my own, Hair – D!va *Sayaka3, Eyes – Ikon *Lucid/Purplexion, Lashes – Mon Cheri *Falsies, Makeup – Pink Acid *Midnight Doll Face, Lipstick – {D.A} Lipgloss & Pout, Wedding Ring – Eternally *Gold/Platinum Claddagh, Outfit – Chic *Warm Winter Aran Sweater, Shoes – Ricielli *Elba Ankle Boots

Shot on Location of the Image Essentials grounds using LumiPro with the IE Pose *Graceful Elegance

Chic, Image Essentials

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