2015 and the Changes it brings

On the grounds of Image Essentials

Day 5 of this brand new year and like I mentioned in my last post that I would be blogging a lot more ~ maybe that was easier said than done but here I am standing on the grounds at Image Essentials thinking…thinking of some of the changes coming into 2015.  First am not single and that is a major one ~ yes I know have brought this up not once or twice but three times and possibly I will again and again ~ laughing at myself over this ~ Having been without a partner and that word left just a bad taste in my mouth made me think it would become a reality but it has.  Guess it is because he is such a special person and took the bitterness away and replaced it with such love and kindness made me see having a partner who really cares and is there for me is not such a bad thing.  Yes I have had a couple of close calls becoming partners with someone but something always stopped me ~ might of been they let me down, where just not there but the end result was I remained single.  Yet you know when it is right at least for me was like no hesitation at all when he asked.

Another change was one of my favorite stores that I loved closed ~ seems it was made up of a collection of designers and what I gather is one retired and the others split off to make their own way ~ today am wearing one of new creations from LaVian&CO one of the rebrands from LivGlam ~ still very stylish and still very upscale chic ~ which brings me up to the next change for me and that is scaling back on my shopping spree’s ~ ooh please you do not need to tell me that will be hard because shopping in SL is one of my most pleasurable moments ~ not like RL which I go buy a sweater in 5 different colors or the same pair of pants I buy 3 of them and that is basically my extent of my closet ~ material girl in RL I am not at all.  Now without going to work I live in pullover sweaters and leggings ~ during the summer its t-shirts and shorts ~ very very basic.  Never was this shopaholic like I am in SL ~ where designers tease and taunt you with tons of sales, new designs that make you feel absolutely gorgeous.  Really I do love shopping in SL to now my inventory has exploded and needs to be shown off instead of hiding away in some box.

Which brings the last change of taking more pics and exploring more to show off all those clothes that I just had to have and never worn.  Trying to be a little more creative than just taking pics at my studio that has gotten a little on the old side and get me out to see the vast world SL has to offer.  I ask that you stick around and let me show you what SL really does have to offer plus as an added bonus you get to see some gorgeous clothes.  Hugzz

Details cuz you just gotta have them ~ Skin – al vulo *Mimi, Shape – *my own, Hair – Diva/Lamb *Asami/Waiting for you, Lashes – Mon Cheri *Falsies, Eyes – Ikon *Lucid/Purplexion, Make-up – Dead Apples *Lipgloss & Pout, Eyeliner – alvulo *Starshine black, Facial Piercing – Phoebe *Eye Diamonds, Hands/Feet – Slink *Casual/High, Outfit – LaVian&CO *Caravan of Love ~

Shot on Location on the grounds of Image Essentials using LumiPro and IE pose *Playmate #4

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