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Very late last nite I struck up a conversation with a member from one of my groups ~ so taking a diversion from doing the Womenstuff hunt I spent time talking with a really sweet person that goes by Effie ~ besides giving me some great tips on hunting she also I discovered this morning gave me some really nice gifts that her and her sl business partner make ~ now they do not at the moment have a physical store and are only on MP but maybe in the near future ~ kind of giggling when I show you this dress they gave me and hey those that remember that saying “you could wear a potato sack and look sexy well they did just that ~ its adorable too…


Is this too cute or what ~ from feed sacks to potato sacks there is a nice variety to choose from – perfect for hmm RPing maybe or just making a nice statement.  Still it is so adorable I could not resist on doing this blog about it.

She also gifted me with the item as well ~ something I always wanted to wear in High School – Letterman’s Jacket and in my favorite color too – YES it is Purple ~


ThunderBlog1cReally love the look of this and will wear it proudly ~ thank you again Effie for the gifts ~ name of their shop on MP is Thunderstorm ~ will put the link in below with all the rest of the details that I know you just want to have ~ stick around and will be back to showing off some stuff that I have recently acquired from hunts, fairs and my ever growing gacha prizes ~ hugzz

Details that you just gotta have ~ Skin – al vulo *Mimi, Shape – my own, Hair – * Rush/Dry Earth, Eyes – Ikon *Lucid/Purplexion, Makeup – Face Paint *Doe Storm Cloud, Eyeliner – Mock *Funsies/Smokey C, Hands/Feet – Slink *Casual/High, Outfit #1 – Thunderstorm *Federal Mills Sack Dress, Outfit #2 – Jacket – Thunderstorm *Ladies Muerto Purple Jacket, Leggins – villena *leggings black leather

First Pic shot on location at my studio using Lumi Pro with Image Essentials Pose *Graceful Elegance, #2 Pic shot at private residence  using Lumi Pro along with pose by Image Essentials ~ *Kudo’s to Brutus for letting me hop over and use his place **thank you …

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