Follow me to the Arcade

Play that funky music Reg….

I was excited about traveling to “The Arcade” especially seeing the preview on what was being offered ~ broke open the piggy bank and grabbed my Lindens with fingers crossed and headed over ~ screeeeeeech I came to a complete stop because its first day and that means “full” wait your turn ~ damn now I had to keep trying and trying and trying ~ felt like getting is it worth it to wait or not ~ hell no!!! But someone said there is this hud you can get off MP to alleviate you trying and trying ~ you let the hud do all the work ~ Hud is called “Letmein” sold on MP for 150L ~ follow instructions and it is easy peasy.

Finally I made it in and just happened while I was at lunch and decided to glance over to see ~ yesssss…. jumping up into my seat and seeing a crowd of people ~ putting on a brave face I knew exactly what I was looking for *The Butler* There are 13 different ones and my goal which is to collect all them *giggling* Reginald I have aptly named him cuz he just looks like a Reginald and you gotta say it with that upper crust Brit accent you see in the movies but Reg for short.  He is for me quite the refined gentleman hoisting that huge player around ~ he has not come into the 21st century yet but am I complaining nope ~ he does his duty without griping or whining so him and his brothers are more than welcome to stick around ~ the other goldmine that I came across is the hair from Mina ~ oooh what a goodie ~ comes with a hud and different shades like the one I am showing off is light red ~ simply gorgeous but…..will be going back to try and get my standard blonde color ~ Now the outfit is another find but one that I just was able to sneak in from Hilly ~ she still held over a Black Friday sale and was 50L ~ yesh ~was that a bargain or what……omg nice detail and came with the boots as well ~ jumped for joy I tell you when I saw the outfit ~ the shoes are simply gorgeous as well and will go well with other things ~ just look at them

Arcade1aI just love the bold brassy zippers and not just one but two ~ these are made for Slink high feet ~ really love the design and sets off the outfit ~

So there you are my first venture back to The Arcade and was well worth it seeing I do have some other goodies to show you *giggling ~ stay tuned please and look below for all the details ….hugzz

Details cuz you gotta have em ~ Skin – al vulo *Mimi, Shape – my own, Hair – Mina *Selenia found at, Lashes – Mon Cheri *Falsies, Makeup – Pink Acid *Midnight Doll Face, Lip Gloss – Eyelure *Pouty, Outfit – Hilly Haalan *Military Style Jacket, Hands/Feet – Slink *Casual/High, Boots – Hilly Haalan *Sasha Booties, Eyes – Ikon *Lucid/Purplexion

Introducing “Reginald the  Ribald Butler  by Mutresse *Beat Bringer **Rare ~ found at Arcade

Shot at Image Essentials Studio using Lumi Pro

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