Follow me to the wonderful Wooden Walk

Wooded Path
Welcome to Wooded Walk

Hi Everyone and welcome to another adventure with yours truly!  Sometimes you just have to go revisit certain locations over and over ~ things change like the seasons and today I took a chance to sneak in a visit on the grounds of Image Essentials to show you some curious things ~ oh yes I know that I work there and at times it keeps me busy that I forget all the wonderful things Kay adds in here especially for this months photo contest ~ so lets saunter around and see what is around…

Wooded Path1b         Beware of slow moving snail because you know snails move slow *giggling* ~ anyway this was the first thing that I came upon on the wooded path ~ a cute little fairy perched atop of the snail ~ for me am guessing this is one of her favorite pets that she likes taking out for walks ~ my I do hope she has plenty of time to spare ~ she really is a cute thing so dainty I just had to snap a pic of her while she was making her way across my path.

Wooden Path1c
Magical Unicorn

Walking further down the path we are in a bit of luck today to run into this magical unicorn ~ don’t you agree how majestic he looks ~ searching all around for to see if he belonged to anyone but how could he being all magic and what not ~ so while he was nuzzling with me I just had to come up with a name ~ grinning and poof his name just appeared before me Parsley Sparkle Reins ~ what a great name and seems it means Parsley is poetic and romantic. He is as sparkly as the milky way, and he casts mischievous spells. He nodded his magnificent head when I asked was that his name…Parsley and I had quite the time together but for myself a couple of times I had to dodge that horn seeing I did not want my brand new skirt to be sporting a hole in it ~ time was passing and I said my cya’s to Parsley maybe coming back another time ~

Wooden Path1d   I spied a nice pile of leaves that after horsing around with Parsley decided to plop down and take a rest ~ maybe I will just lay my head on my arm for a little tiny nap….sooo in case I don’t wake back up before you all leave me again thank you for keeping up with my blog ~ hugzz and all the details are at the bottom just in case ~ lays my head down and falls asleep on the leaves….

Details cuz you wanna have em ~ Skin – al vulo *Mimi, Shape – my own, Hair – D!va *Asami combined w/Truth *Neria, Makeup – Pink Acid *Midnight Doll Face, Lashes – Mon Cheri *Falsies, Eyes – Ikon *Lucid Purplexion, Piercing – Phoebe *Eye Diamonds, Lip Gloss – Eyelure *Pouty, Hands – Slink *Casual, Rings – Eternally *Gold/Platinum Claddagh Ring, Outfit – MEB *Claudia **includes Jacket, Mini Skirt all mesh, Feet – Slink *High, Shoes – HH *Sandra Heels/Silver ~ Poses – IE *Prestige

Location on grounds of IE

Unicorn Name generator ~

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