Street Fighting Extraordinaire

Everyone was....
Everyone was ….

Oh another song just pops into my head while writing this post ~ here is a little sample of the lyrics ~ “everyone was Kung Fu Fighting ~ those strikes were fast as lightning” ok ok so I changed up one word to match just what I wanna show you ~ hehehe ~ now is that tune in your head?  Was a 1974 classic tune by Carl Douglas ~ ~ now you can listen to the original tune while I finish up ~

Was a very honored to be asked to do a blog featuring these gloves “Street Fighter” gloves by the creator Aℓκιτн ιгoηЪℓσσɗ (alkith14) ~ kind of cool that he is a follower on my flickr page and asked me ~ with that how could I not say yes ~ anyway these gloves fit really well and the detail is superb so those of you that do RP they come in male and female versions ~

Street Fighter ~ female version

Different sizes along with different colors also these are mesh which really looks great ~ one thing I will say if you have slink hands you need to remove those before wearing the gloves ~ couldn’t really find anyone to go one on one with me but hey I look really like am ready to do some of my own fighting ~ pow ~ pow *giggling …But not really and before I forget the creator did say this was his version of “Teken” – not being a gamer am clueless but those of you that game am sure you will recognize that…His store name in case you are wanting to search right this moment is called “Natural Motions Main Store” and have provided a link so you can zip on over if you wish and see them in person…thank you again for asking me to show these to all my friends ~ and the rest of you stick around for my next post……hugzz

Details ya gotta have them ~ Skin – al vulo *Mimi, Shape – my own, Hair – D!va *Asami + Truth *Neria, Makeup – al vulo *pink lip caramel, Facial Piercing – Phoebe *Eye Diamonds, Lashes – Mon Cheri *Falsies *upper only, Eyeliner – al vulo *Starshine Black, Beauty Mark – MIA14 * face only, Eyes – Ikon *Lucid purplexion, Pants – Paperbag *Slick Black Leather, Bra – Darling *Black Lace Bra (found on MP), Shoes – JIM *Rayney Black, Feet – Slink *high, Gloves – Natural Motions *Street Fighter Glove (female), Location *my personal studio, Poses – Something New *Blog my Nails #4 & 5

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