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Sometimes you just see a photo and a certain song just pops into your head ~ well once I finished this part of the lyrics from an oldie but goodie just flew into this brain of mine but trying to find the exact lyrics was a little daunting even though with all the help you do need to at least get most of the lyric correct.  Was driving me crazy ~ ok more than normal crazy but finally after much relief as well from roomie going “thank gawd” I figured out the song and found the tune on Youtube ~ YAY me … so once you see the outfit and the background maybe if you are semi old and grew up with grandparents or parents playing these tunes you will recognize the lyrics ~ if not am putting a link for you to listen ~ on to the outfit now ~ yes at times I tend to ramble on and on …… hush already right…

UniQ Phaze

Please do take time to click on the pic to see how gorgeous this outfit is ~ both shirt and jeans are at Thrift Shop made by UniQ Phaze ~ shirt is mesh and sizing is just perfect since most time I do have to go up to a large this is a medium and also you can wear a shirt underneath which has a hud to change colors ~ oh correct me am bad its not a shirt but a very nice jacket with a shirt underneath ~ yeah yeah sue me I am far from perfect 😛 ~ jeans also have various choices as you can see I did choose the snake skin ~ fitting rather nice and snug in a size small ~ giving kudo’s to the creator for using standard sizing ~ thank you … overall this really makes a great look and standing in front of the pyramids here is what was running through my head “See the Pyramids along the Nile, Watch the sunrise on a tropic isle, just remember all the while you belong to me….” Little oldie but always a goodie ~ again thank you for taking time to read and possibly head over to Thrift and just grab up this outfit… hugzz

Details ya just gotta have:  Skin ~ al vulo *Mimi, Shape ~ *my own, Hair ~ D!va *Asami combined with Truth *Neria, Eyes ~ Ikon *Lucid purplexion, Lashes ~ Mon Cheri *Falsies upper only, Slink High Feet, Slink Hands *Casual, Jacket ~ Uniq Phaze *Edg Jacket, Pants ~ Uniq Phaze *Jam snake skin, Belly Ring ~ Aly *Platinum & Diamond Heart **Taken**, Shot on Location at personal studio using *Lumi ~ JD Stand #6

Song “You Belong to Me by The Duprees 1962

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