Follow me to Thrift Shop

Thrift Shop has opened up again and my my some of what I will be showing you in the next couple days are gorgeous, unique and just down right “gotta have that” ~ so stick around as my upcoming blogs will reflect my travels to Thrift Shop ~

Hair by Adonis

Keeping my pics clean and simple so you can really see what is what ~ lately I have becoming a “hair whore” *giggling* yes for so long I was stuck on just wearing one hair never changing and finally I have gotten out of my rut and trying on different ones at least for pics ~ this light bulb went off and am like OMG am loving all the new looks WOWZER ~ so even thought it would not be my normal style this hair by Adonis called “Freya” is great for those that like the punk style rocker look ~ comes in various colors and also the hair base is shaved close with some great detail ~ Really interesting and love the design ~

I paired it with the collar from “Scene” called Flurry which you can pick your initial out ~ makes it your own ~ love it and have taken to wear it with my everyday wear.

Ok thats it for now ~ but I have lotz and lotz more to show you ~ please stick around won’t you ?  hugzz

Details ~ gotta have them

Skin ~ Al vulo – Mimi, Shape – my own, Hair ~ Adonis *Freya* (sold at Thrift Shop), Necklace – Scene *Flurry Initial Choker*, Eyes ~ Ikon *Purplexion*, Makeup ~ Pink Acid ~ Blush, Piercings ~ Phoebe – “Eye Diamonds,

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