NEW RELEASE – The Balla Tuxedo

love this tux

Heth Haute Couture

HHC – The Balla Tuxedo


I am pleased to offer my newest design for men — The Balla Tuxedo. Named after my SL Father Balladeer Christensen.

You can often find a plain black-tie tuxedo in SL, but it is rare to find something like the Balla Tuxedo. Like the man the Balla Tuxedo is sharp, smooth and bears exceptional quality. The suit jacket is crafted in the finest embroidered crepe and features besom pockets, The jacket is embellished with faceted onyx and diamond buttons. The white pique lay down collar shirt features a pleated front and solid onyx studs. The cummerbund is a blend of black silk with an organza overlay. The slacks are crafted to match the jacket in jet crepe. One of the most dramatic elements of this ensemble is the formal shoes. Hand crafted leather with an embroidered overlay to match the jacket, These diamond encrusted shoes…

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