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Castle Ruin ~ Image Essentials

Yup here I stand with my Starbucks coffee in my hand *thanks Ember* getting ready to enter Castle Ruin ~ a part of Image Essentials sim ~ huge Kudo’s to Kay for putting a creepy Halloween vibe to an already dark part of her grounds ~ shuddering and not really wanting to move forward ~ HEY! I know her ~ she puts creepy stuff down ……

Oh side note before I do go forward ~ if you are skeered like I am of creepy crap ooops mean stuff keep your world to daylight like I did .. just saying ~ anyway time to put one foot forward and start that dreadful walk into the darkness…

BlogRuin1bUt oh am not liking what am seeing ~ rotting corpses and I have not even begun to get closer ~ taking a huge gulp of my coffee I look straight ahead and see the archway into the ruins…seriously do I want to keep going …gulp..

BlogRuin1cOh this is just dandy ~ look just look !!  Can you see what I am seeing …. yuck ~ this is not something I like at all nope do not like it but for you I will continue to describe.  Some huge forgotten dinosaur bones are right in front of me and OMG in the cages are zombies – yikes taking another step back and shuddering ~ the smell in this area is putrid from the flesh and and oh no what is that off to my left a little OMFG spiders ~ holy shit !!!

Kay has gathered spiders from her down under land and brought them here – these are not your average spiders but huge friggen beastly spiders the ones that make that creepy noise and no I will not even try to make it for you so you can forget about that ~ shuddering and turning around to look

BlogRuin1dWhat the hell ~ the girl from the well ~ and and looking closer that is a naked turkey trying to hide from hunters ~ cripes what kind of place is this ~ I am sorry I just cant ~ cant go on ~ screaming ……….

BlogRuin1eYes that’s my face right this moment screaming as I run run away from Castle Ruin ~ seriously not a moment to soon because I saw bats chasing after me …see my hair – they must think that is a nesting area ~ again I do apologize that I could not WILL not stay a moment longer …… whew

Alright am now back at my studio ~ safe, my heart has gone back to normal again – now I can give you a much better look at my outfit that I was wearing today for that scary, creepy adventure

BlogRuin1fThis oversized grey/white sweater is so comfy and yet it is light enough to wear during our crisp fall weather without bogging you down ~ matched with a really nice pair of skinny jeans *details below* sets off the whole outfit.  Can you see my ankle warmers ~ oh my I needed them today to keep that misty cruel weather at the ruin ~ these were a nice gift from the creator of ILLI ~ they really were made specifically for “slink-high” come in various colors and textures ~ available on MP now and for me very affordable…thank you Alphonse for these ~ I will be sure to wear them during the now chilly weather.

I hope you enjoyed my excursion today and again I apologize that I really did not venture into Castle Ruin as am sure you wanted me to but with creeping crawly immense spiders, hordes of humungous rats I just had to leave screaming ~ till next time hugzz all around ~


Skin – al vulo “Mimi”, Shape – my own, Hair – D!va – “Asami”, Eyes – Ikon – “Lucid/Purplexion”,  MIA – “Beauty Marks”, MC – “Falsies” *upper only*, Phoebe – “Eye Diamonds”, ILLI – “Heel Warmers” Slinkhigh *, Mesh Eyeliner – Alvulo – Starshine black, Necklace – HHC “Leyla”, Slink hands – casual, Slink feet – high, Oversized Sweater – Hilly Haalan – “Neveen”, Skinny Jeans – Hilly Haalan – “Neveen”, Pose – Everglow – Raven09, Location Image Essentials Grounds “Castle Ruin  and also my personal studio

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