Follow me to Nite of the Living Hunt

What is so cool about following different people and their blogs is you can find out so many things like events, new clothes, interesting places to explore, etc.  Which is how I got to where I am now from a post by Pru Rexroth ~ thank you Pru so much for sharing all the details of this with all of us.  Want to check out her blog and what am talking about here is the link for you  ~ she gives all the details about the hunt ~

The Artist Shed

At the landing I see a familiar place ~ “The Artist Shed” ~ they hold a lot of cart sale events but this is the first time have seen a hunt here and that excites me ~ across the bridge there is all the booths set for you to look but I was more interested in making my way around this gloomy yet hauntingly gorgeous Sim. See the little brown shed to the left of me ~ you will find information and clues about the hunt ~ easy to spot.

I did not know they had a Gacha Museum …just how cool is that?  But yes and without a ticket you can go in and wander around ~ watch out for the guy below ~ he will try to scare you into leaving and he was a little hmmm paranoid.

Morris the guard

But I paid him no mind and after wandering inside I saw was just him and me and he said no other words again to me that made me decide I will take advantage of the comfy chair behind the desk to take a short reprieve.

Before I do go further if you can see by my clothing am dressed pretty warm wearing sweater, jeans and my warm comfy ugg boots.  Sim is covered in snow, which does mean the temps have dropped but daytime was just warm enough the sweater was enough to wear without getting super chilly.

Randy’s Little Cabin by the Sea

Following a couple of clues I did wander down and saw a figure in the distance.  As I got closer and closer I said “hello and waved” ~ hmmm no answer till I got close enough to see the guy telling me his tale of woe ~ poor Randy he had some difficult experiences that without providing a lot of detail and go into his long conversation I wont repeat ~ if you go there am sure he will take a moment to give you a shout out and tell you himself.  Other than that he was very stiff on formality and did not speak after that even though I commented on his nice house all warm and cozy.  Do go in and see for yourself ~ a warm fireplace will warm you right up.

Am really now noticing how dark and grey the clouds are getting and you see the water being stirred up by the wind so my time was limited and hurried back to the beginning before there was a downpour ~ hey cannot mess up my hair – its a thing with me *laughing*  But I do encourage you to look around for the prizes there are some really good ones and for 2$L its a bargain on what you receive.  Before I leave let me show you my complete outfit and tell you where you can get all the goodies.


Thank you again for taking time to read ~ you never know what surprises are there for you to discover on your own ~ thank you again to Pru for sharing all about the sim and the hunt ~ until my next adventure I give hugzz to you all.


Skin ~ al vulo – “Mimi”, Shape ~ my own, Hair ~ D!va “Asami – Cats Eye”, Sweater and Jeans ~ Alyce ” Fall Outfit”  (included Sweater, Jeans, Boots) located on MP, Hands ~ Slink – “Casual”, Eyes ~ Ikon “Lush/Purplexion”, Necklace ~ 2Chez – “Heavenly Crossed Necklace”, Makeup ~ Pink Acid “Midnight Dollface” Poses ~ courtesy of Vista AO  ~ all shot on location “The Artist Shed” 

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