Follow me to Boho Fair



Follow me back to an era of immense changes in the world, in our culture, our clothing and in our music.  These were the beginning days of “Baby Boomers” To grow up in the 60’s was interesting and challenging ~ sadly we lost a great President – John F. Kennedy ~ the era of Camelot was over as he was assassinated in front many  ~ we also lost another good man “Dr. Martin Luther King” as his passing created some of the most infamous riots that ever took place around the USA.  You could see fashion changing ~ skirts were hiked up to a “mini” level ~ high above the knees ~ dresses were flowing and caftans became the style as well.  Hippies also were bred during this time with “burn your bra” and floppy hats, headbands, etc.  Era of “free love, sit-ins along with the “peace sign and one of the great musical events “Woodstock”.

In the upcoming days will feature different outfits from the Boho Fair ~ first up I chose this dress matched with boots to give it that overall free spirit look.

Dress by Ch’s ~ maribel yootz creator

Dress is gorgeous and yes a reminder of a flash from the past that you would of seen various people wearing this ~ hippies, to mod girls alike would of loved to have this outfit in their closets.  The lush purple color (my fave) mixed with gold really gives the outfit its look.  From the wide waist band to the sleeves along with the whisper of a sheer overlay giving it little naughty look ~ the creator giving you a choice to wear or not wear the under layers making it even naughtier.  Boots are also amazing ~

Saya Boots ~ creator Daf02 May

Taken from the Andean Outfit these boots have a lot of details.  I love the look from the texture to how they are laced up ~ and the fit is perfect.  Who says you cant mix and match from outfits ~ am glad the creator was kind enough to make the boots separate ~ kudos to Daf02 May for doing that.

Am now dressed to spend a night on the town listening to tunes from the 60’s and thinking about what an era that was.  Before I forget the dress is 1L ~ a very inexpensive gift courtesy of “Maribel”  ~ so hop in your Nash rambler or whatever vehicle you own and head to the Boho Fair ~ you will not be disappointed.   That’s it for now but stay tune for more goodies ~ hugzz


Skin, al vulo -“Mimi”, Shape – my own, Lipstick – al vulo “Pink Caramel”, Hair – D!va– “Asami”, Lashes – MC “Falsies”, Facial Piercing – Phoebe “Eye Diamond”, Necklace – Heth Haute Couture “Leyla”, Earrings – JCNY “Nelle”, Ring – Pomposity “Pink Awareness Ribbon Ring”, Hands and Feet ~ Slink – “Casual/High”, Eyes – Ikon “Lucid/Purplexion”, Dress – Ch’s “Boho Gift”, Boots – DAF02 “Saya Boots -Andean”, Pose – Glitterati Standing *18, Location – my own studio 



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