Follow me to “Darkwood” ~ Part One


Its that time again ~ where people seek out the ghosts and goblins and the spirits and the underworld pretty much overtakes SL ~ and …… I LOVE IT!!!  October for me means crisp clean air and chillier temps ~ windows get thrown open and really enjoy mother natures fall colors.  Fall/Autumn is one of my favorites seasons and in SL I really try to enjoy those Sims that change as well.

Calas is no exception for making those changes along with their Halloween Sim, which this year they have named it “Darkwood” ~ am excited that Ty and Truck have continued with this tradition.  I always love to see what they have come up with and this is another year that they have done their best to impress and delight me.  Let me take you on a very short peek of what you will be seeing.


If you are lucky you will meet Truck at the landing point who has decided to grace us this year in a rather interesting costume ~ careful that blade is sharp ~ for me not sure if he will hesitate to use it ~ Truck is one of the owners of Calas and as well a huge creator along with his partner Tymus ~ I have come to know both of them over the years and both of these gentlemen are as good as you will get as a friend ~ great sense of humor as if you are wandering around the town of Calas I would seriously suggest you try one of those apples that are situated on Main Street ~ *winking and chuckling * ~ they are also so giving by setting out little gifts at Calas main landing point ~ if you have not been please make it a point to visit Calas ~


When you first land at Darkwood if you turn slowly this statue you will see setting out in the water ~ what does it mean ~ am not sure maybe a pair of lovers clinging to one another before they set out or could be they met with a untimely demise after falling into one of the traps that are set among the woods ~ so step carefully or you might meet the same fate as these two lovers have ~ isn’t that why they make monuments to immoralize someone?


Brutus and I sitting with our trusty lanterns figuring out where we should start first ~ yes Ty and Truck have provided each a beautiful lantern to show the way once you go past a certain spot ~ do make sure you grab it as the name applies it is dark… another suggestion wear apparel that can withstand the temps there and boots cuz of the muck and various other things on the ground that I will keep secret about now.  Laughing at that ~ oh yes make sure you look high and low when you start down the walkway ~ seems Ty and Truck love to surprise you with things that will grab at you from the ground or in trees and branches.  Keep a very vigilant look when you are walking.


As you do walk further there is a welcome sign ~ this is basically where you will pick up your lantern to continue you deeper into the woods ~ btw keep your windlight on region and music on to really get a great feel ~ Truck did an awesome job with choosing the music for this ~


Now comes the fun part ~ choosing which way to go ~ let me explain a little without giving too much away ~ for me I suggest to start with the Cuddle Boat Tour and you do not have to be a couple to enjoy this tour thanks to Ty and Truck they set up all boats for singles as well ~ its a great way to get an overall feel of Darkwood and lot of things to see while you are relaxing ~ might even take it a couple times I have missed I know couple things that needed a pic to share…and YES do not forget to find the barrel ride *giggling and will not be saying anything more on that ~ the Pavilion is really the final stop ~ make your way there but take your time to immerse yourself into Darkwood ~ its filled with all the things you would envision.  Kudo’s to Tymus and Truck again for making me happy that October is here again ~ for the rest please stay tuned for more peeks into this amazing Sim.  hugzz to all and thank you for taking time to read my blog


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