My Thoughts on Bloggin and Bloggers

This is something I have been thinking about and even though am a very new blogger with only 12 posts I have been reading blogs for a long time ~ longer than I have been in SL and oh my yes am dating myself that they were called other things eons ago in the stone age *chuckling*   Growing up at a very early age I started keeping a journal or a diary everyone called it back then ~ guess in my own way I loved to write and not proclaiming am a great writer or professional by any means just that I love to write ~ my high school years I also wrote a small soap opera involving other teens in my close circle of friends ~ I would write the pages and no copy machines back then so it was the dreaded one and only copy but came back intact a little dog eared but still some would hound me and go when is the next episode being written. Thinking back not even sure how long it lasted but it was a fun experience and good memory.  Lets zoom forward now to present day and a fellow blogger who I think thought I would bring up her name and as she said “make her famous” ~ guess again I will not mention her name not that it is something I certainly would not hesitate to do but for my point it really isn’t revel vent.  This blogger was asked in a group chat regarding what pose was used for the post and the answer was “Oh I don’t remember”   if you know me course I chimed in and said “really you forgot to write it down or something to that affect.  Well that set someone’s panties in a twist and I get this nasty IM about my blog is this and that and how dare I make any comments about the blog in question ~ which now brings you up to speed on what I want to discuss.  Just needed to fill in the back story a little…

First my blog be it may is strictly for enjoyment only ~ check my page I have no sponsors and I do not blog specifically on items or articles that were given to me free ~ secondly the question was not asked by myself specifically but by a pose-maker who was only curious to what pose was used.  Thirdly I do work for a pose-maker and honestly I think they get the short end of the stick over and over ~ yes to be blunt they get screwed!  Because since I started reading blogs for the past hmmm 4 years or maybe 5 its how I find out about clothes, events, etc and I pay attention to them.  Have even gone so far as to make comments as to how I like their pics, where was it taken or maybe something they did not mention like possible the makeup or the hair and even yes a pose ~ I see some detailed posts that you go down their list and they have listed every single thing EXCEPT guess what?  You got it “the pose”  Since I started working for a pose-maker approximately 4 months ago have noticed more and more bloggers continue to leave out crediting the pose-maker ~ with excuses like “oh it was one of my studio poses” or “ooops my bad was in a rush” or “dunno and actually I never give credit to using a pose seeing they are not a sponsor”  ~ SERIOUSLY that answer has been used not just one but I know for a fact on 3 separate times I asked a blogger about why the pose was not mentioned ~ wow nothing like slapping a pose maker in the face with that answer ~ for that matter am like woah so if you did not get it free or its not in a blogger box from a fair or what not you feel the right not to credit them even though take away that pose and you look like some idiot DWEEB standing there ~ but that doesnt matter?  Way way too many bloggers who have this “Diva” mentality these days that they are soo much better than others and everyone reads them so they screw anyone except their sponsors ~

Am chuckling because this surely will irritate some but I do hope maybe it will bring attention again to the plight of ones that never really are given the credit that they so deserve and that is the pose-maker.  Also would like to mention another blogger that got all haughty being called out in another group chat by still a different  pose-maker and getting a very vicious and mean im back as well ~ my first response was to make this blog naming names but even at times my tongue as sharp as it can be will take a higher road and not toot their horn ~ I will not one stoop to their level and be as childish and cruel (yes cruel because the comment that was said was mean and spiteful) secondly saying their name only brings more attention to their blog and why would I want to do that?

Rounding this up and giving you my final thoughts on SL’s world of bloggers ~ many of you bloggers do have sponsors with various creators, stores and whatnot ~ does not mean that while you are trying to make yourself look fantastic for your next post using who knows what pose think about writing down that pose and who created it ~ you can give credit to your eyelashes, slink parts, eyes and whatever else stop being so lazy and take time to give credit to those creators that create the pose, the prop to make you look good for that sponsor or whoever will be reading your post.

No photo is included in today’s post due to the fact I wanted it strictly wanted my words to be more of an impact ~ take care and will be back soon… HUGZZZ




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