Let me introduce you to …

Today am going to do an interview with one of Calas’ most popular Park Rangers ~ I think if he could relocate to Calas full time his bags would already be packed.  If you wander over there at some point in time you probably will run into him as he spends 75% of his time there.

Brutus takes being a Park Ranger very seriously as you can see by his uniform ~ he patrols all of the sims making sure everything is ok and reports anything going on to the owners Ty and Truck ~ they always have high praise for Brutus and the amount of time he does give as he is a very informative and helpful Park Ranger to Calas.

Calas Park Ranger in Uniform

As you can see he does take pride in looking his best when he comes on duty ~ with his hat placed just so and makes sure he is fully equipped to handle any emergencies that come his way.  I was able to spend some time with him asking him some questions and was delighted in finding Brutus very knowledgeable.  Below is the interview – hello Brutus ~ thank you have am sure your boss’s will not mind you sitting to answer some questions for me ~ will be more comfortable for both …


Me: Which sim is your favorite  

Brutus:I like all of them but my ultimate  is one they no longer have 

Me: What one was that    

Brutus – the one they had for Christmas  I LOOOOOOOOOOOOVED that one!!!!   

 Me:  as a Park Ranger what do you do here ?

Brutus – keep the natives in line, make sure they are not setting forest fires, or running around naked  I also talk to them and make them feel at home  

Me – let me guess your favorite season is winter?

Brutus – LOL how did you guess? 

Me : you mentioned a Christmas sim do they have other holiday ones?

Brutus: Yes they do and that would be for Halloween and Christmas

Me: describe the Halloween one was it spooky?   

Brutus: Well the Halloween one will change from year to year – The last one was very gory and scary  lots of Zombies and ghost and such and  lot of fun

MENot sure I could handle all the gore and being scared                                       Brutus: they are always adventurous,  lots of adventure and always very well done – Trust me, once you go there once, you will go back again and again

Me: why was the Christmas  your favorite?                                                                    Brutus:  I loved the way it was made with going through the forest and cave making your way to the Christmas Pavillion.  You can either walk through it, or ski  or even ride the sleigh through it – it also had a reindeer to ride on as well as a pond to ice skate on – the Pavillion  was well decorated for Christmas 

Me: sounds like I will have to make sure I come back for that seeing it is now Summertime what does Calas have to offer for those that come to visit                        Brutus:  bike riding, boating, cuddle boat tours (which are awesome!) fishing, horse back riding, balloon riding and even a ride on the back of an eagle, also they have picnicking, dancing, farming etc., I can go on and on
Me: I am sure you could tell us more about Calas but I think it is safe to say everyone should come and discover this gem themselves ~ do you have any parting advice for those that want to come and visit?

Brutus: well all I can say is that once you come here once you will be back for more! It is an awesome place with so much to explore and enjoy. Just one thing…beware of any hungry bears that ask for a sandwich!                                                                                                                        Me: Thank you again Brutus for taking time out to talk with us about Calas seems you really love being a part of this and enjoy it very much ~                                        Brutus: its been my pleasure

Checking out the cabins and the grounds at Gulf of Lune

So I leave him to get back to his job ~ sounds like Brutus really loves Calas as looking around I find more and more little treasures that the owners Ty and Truck have left for you to find and discover ~ various wildlife, lot of places to sit and cuddle ~ it is a PG sim so strictly keep your clothes on ~ plenty of places also to dance ~ asked the Ranger for a dance but he was strictly very professional and said maybe when he is off the clock … I hoped you enjoyed the interview and do try to make it by Calas ~ if you are and see Brutus don’t forget to say hello ..watch out for that pesky bear who they named “Yogi” he might be lurking by … until next time … hugzz


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