Naughty Dummy


Alas sometimes good help is soo hard to find ~ one minute he is serving drinks with a flourish and the next moment he has mouthed off and had the audacity to stick out his big wooden foot so I tripped and tore my stockings.  We all know how pricy stockings are ~ sheesh who knows what was going on in that wooden brain of his~ grabbing his upper arm tightly I forcefully lead him down the steps into the courtyard to administer his punishment ~ commanding him to bend over he does so silently and quickly ~ oh he knows he has crossed his boundaries ~ whip in hand I raise back striking his backside with such a force you could hear it go THUNK against the smoothness of his well polished veneer backside~ not a word is uttered from either one of us as again I raise my whip and bring it down ~after a couple more strikes I  toss the whip aside ~ brushing the strand of hair out of my face my voice speaks in whisper  “upstairs now and there will be no supper for you”  Head bowed dummy turns nods and goes up to his corner where he takes his kneeling position awaiting further instruction.   I stand in silence not speaking but hoping this lesson will not need to be repeated …..

Credits go to:

Glitzz ~ providing the Mistress outfit consisting of “latex gloves, pants, top, stockings, boots, collar and whip ** can be obtained at – Naughty Nitch Fair

Image Essentials – *Naughty DummyExclusive pose and prop set * also at Naughty Nitch Fair

Hair ~ D!vaNatsuki

Skin — al vuloPortia

Shape – My Own

Bracelet – tea.s – Fallen Stars Cuff

Shot at a very undisclosed dungeon location *very top secret



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