Follow me to the Wedding Expo …… please

This will be a very short post due to the subject matter “SL Weddings”  I promised myself that I would go over there to take a look see and when I landed my hands started getting sweaty, my breathing became labored and heart started pounding ~  was like my feet were in quicksand not wanting to move forward ~ taking a deep breath and whispering to myself “its going to be ok” over and over I looked up at the sign “Wedding Expo” and again felt panic setting in again …

Welcome to Wedding Expo

Can you see my right foot just there?  Wanting to turn around and run fast as I can.  Looking to my left at that huge huge Wedding Bells sign I almost fainted on the spot.  OMG am a grown woman I can do this …cant I?  Taking another deep breath I begin to step under the sign and making my way down to Image Essentials.  Really trying not to let the panic bubble up in my throat.  Ok guess I should explain quickly why all this over gulps “SL Weddings”  Couple of words explain to you rather quickly – BAD EXPERIENCE…just like rl you have these hopes and dreams of meeting your “Prince Charming” ~ then they turn back into frogs once you say “I DO” will let your imagination take over from this point …. my foot takes a step and then another and another and I walk with a purpose to see the store Kay created in here for Image Essentials ~ YAY I found it just follow the road straight ~ do not make the first turn its little around the bend on the left hand side ~ wait look I took a pic of me in front of the store …

Image Essentials

Peeking in can you see all the amazing stuff she created for this expo ~ now that was fun and some are down right cute and funny … look all the way in the back see them hmmm maybe you cant wait I got a pic of what you should be looking at …..

IE - The Stand In V1IE - The Stand In V2

Adorable aren’t they?  Who said you needed a breathing groom or bride hmmmm?  Well?  No one really and hey look at that groom he is being quiet…look at that bride she sure kept down that wedding budget for the dress huh…hmmm with a certain gleam in my eyes I could do that now *giggling …

Oh yes they are having a hunt also at the expo you just have to look for the rose in each shop and as per her usual amazing standards she outdid herself for the hunt prize in the store… looking around let me show you the prize…if anything you gotta go and grab this one ….


IE Will you_

I didn’t say yes  sorry to say but he does look cute on one knee holding out the ring box.  Hmmm looking one last time at the ring and yes it comes just the way this is showing ~ just look for that red rose… A lot of nice vendors that want to help you make your wedding a very special day and our good friend Tori who is 2 doors down has the most gorgeous gowns and tux’s to choose from … make sure you check her store out as well ~ before I forget let me hand out the credits for what am wearing today.  Hugz and hope you do head over there and at least explore ~

Credits go to

Skin ~ al vulo

Shape ~ mine

Hair ~ D!va

Outfit ~ Bonetto Style ~ White silk one shoulder dress ~

Shoes – Hucci Sandals for Slink High




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