20 Personal SL Questions



I decided to take up Strawberry’s challenge  of answering these 20 questions relating to SL ~ hey you get to know more about me ~ scary thought *giggling…sooo here goes ~ enjoy  ~ http://strawberrysingh.com/2014/05/26/20-personal-sl-questions-meme/

1. When and how did you discover Second Life?  Whew this is easy one ~ was dragged in here by a good friend who we had played online Sims together and she had been pestering me since 07 to join took me a year to finally give in and have not looked back once.

2. Did you know about virtual worlds before or was this your first experience with them?  Yes with the “Sims game”

3. Has Second Life met your expectations? It has exceeded them and lots more

4. If you could teleport back to the first ten minutes of your avatar’s life, what would you tell yourself? Not to believe what most people tell you especially of the male gender – right there would of saved me some embarrassing moments and hurt.

5. How long did it take you to master avatar flying and driving vehicles inworld?  LOL not sure about the flying but I am banned from driving vehicles inworld ~ giggling might as well just toss me and whoever is in the passenger seat in a mountain or in the ocean.  I had a time just learning to walk up stairs ~ I think flying was beyond my capability for a long long time.

6. Do you have a mystery alt? That I wont answer on the grounds of umm well just wont answer that ~ grins and winks

7. Is your SL avatar a reflection of you, or someone you wished you could be? Personality is 100% me seeing I can never fake being anyone else but me ~ fashion was mostly how I dressed in my 20’s with short skirts, dresses and stiletto’s along with the bikini for the summertime ~ for looks I had some RL bad hair days LOL and in RL I do have the blonde hair with blue eyes.

8. Is there an individual you met in SL that inspired you in your RL? How?  Actually a couple but I wont embarrass them naming names because of the obstacles they have overcome d in their rl to make me be a lot more grateful in mine.

9. Do you feel it is easier to create stronger bonds/relationships with people you meet in-world as opposed to the real world? Being  very social person in both worlds I tend to agree that it is easier inworld seeing you are getting to meet someone without physical appearance barriers ~ you are learning who they are sight unseen.  Someone might be sexy or handsome in RL but turns out they are a complete moron or worse.

10. Did you ever imagine or believe people could fall in love with someone they never met before Second Life? Absolutely – in a way it is easier to fall in love with someone ~ will it last once you meet in RL that is the true test.

11. How has your perspective of dating changed (or not) since you started playing second life? Dating in SL is soo much easier than RL ~ your clothes fit perfect, your date does not have bad breath ~ you both are perfect dance partners and places to go and things to are endless ~ RL dating is total stress for either person.

12. How has your perspective of employment changed (or not) since you started playing second life? Really hasn’t changed seeing that I was amazed to learn you really can make a rl living in here and a little envious of those that can but takes a lot of talent and hard work to succeed in SL.

13. Name three things in both your lives that overlap each other significantly ~ first is my friends, music, my passion for learning.

14. If you could live your life more immersively in a virtual world, would you? (Kind of like the Matrix) There is no thinking on that one it would be a YES ~ where there is no pain, endless days of smiles and friends to enjoy and to be able to TP to one spot to the next ……. oh yesss

15. How do you think behavior changes for people if they’re in-world vs in real world? Why do you think that is? You hear so many people say am shy in RL but here they just come alive and live ~ you have the idiots that also are a lot crueler in here than RL and basically for both there is this veil or wall that is their protection ~ the monitor makes anyone braver and bolder and some it helps them to break out and experience RL without fears.

16. How has second life consumerism changed your perception of spending habits, the value of money, the need to be “bleeding edge” with fashion? Laughing as I look at my ever growing inventory ~ RL I am so budget conscious and hardly what one would label materialistic or have this huge RL closet full of clothes or shoes or things in general.  SL brings out the shopoholic in me especially with clothes but I still go for the sales and join groups to get the ever monthly gift.  Even in SL I have to think hard about spending so much on one item that I might only wear one time.

17. Do you think virtual worlds like SL drive and redefine human interaction or do they narrow and limit it? OH no they just have opened up the world definitely putting a new spin on interacting with people from all over the world ~ would of never met someone from down under or spoke with someone from Wales ~ for me it is amazing experience. 

18. If technology progressed tomorrow to allow you to send emotions to people the way you’d send text or voice messages, would it enrich your SL experience or infringe on it?  It would open up another dimension and truly enrich it.

19. Name three skills you attribute to having learned or honed in second life alone ~ Photoshop, photography, patience.

20. If your grand kids googled your Second Life Avatar’s name, would they be intrigued, disgusted, proud or something else?  Seeing I do not have any grandchildren nor will I my only experience of someone looking at my SL Avi is my rl friends are intrigued and at times find it amusing. 

Whew finally at the end and yes some of the questions were very thought provoking and made me stop and really think.  Possibly each of you reading this will take time to think about how you would answer these.  I know can fill you in what I am wearing and where this was taken.  Thank you for reading ~

Credits go to

Skin ~ al vulo

Shape ~ mine

Hair ~ D!vaKalli2

Lashes – MCFalsies

Eyes – QYN –  Marine Blue

Dress – SassyTaylor – Aqua

Shoes – HucciAlbany Sandals – Slink High

Pose – Image EssentialsBody Shot 11

Location – Image EssentialsMeadow









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