Follow me to Day of Remembrance

Day of Remembrance Memorial Garden, Varna (178, 26, 23)

Today is the official Memorial Day for those living in the states.  This holiday is to remember the men and women who gave the ultimate sacrifice *their life* while serving their country.  A somber occasion if you sit and truly think about it ~ also marks typically the start of summer vacation season.  I did find something comparable in SL to mark this day with the Day of Remembrance Sim ~ each flower in the garden has a person’s name dedicated to them as they are no longer with us in SL.

Day of Remembrance

    As you walk through seeing all the names and realize how great the citizens of Second Life are ~ taking time to place a flower in remembrance of someone that made a difference in their life and not wanting them to be forgotten.  Just as we place flags on our hero’s graves so we can honor their memory and never forget  ~ at times this holiday gets confused with Veterans day where we celebrate all members of the service ~ Memorial Day is a remembering of those that gave their life.

Sitting and reflecting

     Several places in the park to sit and reflect as I am ~ thinking back to those that I have known through out my early years that were sent to Vietnam and never came back. Was my first experience in dealing with the casualties of war…my wish is that one day there will be no wars.


        Behind me is one of the waterfalls that you can stand and just get lost in the prisms of rainbows that always surround this type immense body of water.   Putting together this outfit  I thought was rather fitting to show my support and patriotism for my country.  Wearing white cotton belted jeans, which I paired with a red, white and blue striped top.  As somber occasion today is the sim is pretty with green grass, variety of flowers to gaze at, waterfalls and various sitting areas.  It truly beckons you to come back to and walk around over and over ~ if you have lost someone whether in SL it is a very peaceful area to think and reflect.   Please enjoy your day and no matter where you are in the world take a moment out of today and remember our fallen.  Lets never forget them !  hugzz

your sl guide

Starr Ghost

Credits go to :

Skin ~ Al Vulo

Hair ~ D!va – Kalli2 – Cats Eye

Outfit ~ Mary’s Threads  60L special

Pose ~ Image Essential ~ Smart Casual 4








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