Follow me to I.E.


Looking for some great poses or props then follow me to I.E.  I work for an amazing woman “Kay Weston” who is the force behind Image Essentials ~ never have I met such a determined and organized female in SL.  Psst this is fact am not kissing up or blowing smoke *giggling*  Kay is creative, imaginative, and energetic *trying to keep up with her* is at times mind blowing ~ basically like the energizer bunny on speed….a nutty Aussie that I met while back at an event where we just clicked.  Her infectious personality really makes you want to strive to be the best.  She creates some really unique poses that I just drop my jaws at times going OMG that is wild or that is perfect.


As you can see by the pic above that’s my friend Brutus hopped on a male stand to try out ~  little tip that I will give out to the females reading this l will use a male stand as well for a pose ~ for me most poses especially male ones are very unisex ~hey opens up a lot more ways to get more bang for your linden. Yes ladies you will see my friend being dragged around with me lots more *giggling* don’t worry he LOVES the attention.  I could spend hours and hours showing you all 3 levels of the store.  Instead will give you a very brief overview ~ first floor to the right has the female stands, middle has all the “New” stuff along with male stands and the far right has a lot of male props and more male stands ~ 2nd floor is couple poses, wedding and a variety of  gacha machines and lastly on 3rd floor is a lot of discounted poses with more props to try out.  Now you see why I could spend a lot more time showing you each floor *grinning*

     Kay also has a huge heart and it shows ~  her sim is set up for different studios (group, couples, male and female) and you just have to become a subscriber to use them ~ subscriber fee is free.  Each studio has several pages of different and unique scenes ~ each scene is well thought out & includes all the props you need along with the poses.  Did I mention this is all free for you as a subscriber to use ~ that amazes me.


Oooh yes the above pic shows all the various places on the sim that you can go and take your own pics if you rather not use the studios.  Various places that are so photogenic and the variety oh my gosh there are well look at the pic you can tell by the different pics of just how varied they are.  You can see a beach, mountains, a gorge, meadow and more that you just need to tp over here and check out.  Kay has also given the ability to rez props or poses wearing your subscriber tag ~ just always remember like a national park leave nothing behind but memories.

         Kay is always working to create very unique poses ~ something you will not ordinarily see ~ for the Puppet Fair that is still ongoing she made puppet on the string gacha’s ~ for Fashionart she created a set named “Shopoholic”  ~  for me am excited about the upcoming Wedding Expo ~ am really jumping up and down and wishing I could share with you those but will say these are exclusives ~ there are 10 exceptionally unique for this fair that you do not want to miss.  Really YOU do NOT want to miss the expo ~ brides pay attention its coming on the 24th of this month.  Mark your calendar.

          Really there is so much to see, to explore on her sim that I could drag this post on and on and on but I won’t ~ what I do wish that you will take time out and hop over to her sim ~ something for everyone ~ thank you for following me as I continue my journey around SL ~ my next place is a really interesting sim ~ stay tune ~ sends hugz out to you all ♥

                                your guide ~ Starr

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