First place I really want to show you is one of my favorite Sims “Calas”  owned by two good friends Ty and Truck – a magical place that just begs you to come back over and over to visit and to take pics.  Yes very photogenic and at times you just need to set the camera down to walk and enjoy.  No one resides there and there are no vendors to purchase anything from ~ what is there is a magical place transporting you back to the Victorian Era when time was simpler.    Where you can walk on the sidewalks and imagine people looking up from their front porches and either smiling or acknowledging you with a friendly wave.  Where the store fronts are inviting and you might even run into Ty or Truck who are such gracious hosts.  Calas is divided up into 13 different sims all unique in their own way.  Below is Eryn Vorn a wooded area where there are fields to dance in ~ benches to sit and cuddle or just chat ~ a glorious music stream that is simply just right.  A beauty of waterfalls to gaze at if you want or you can watch the river flowing gently.  There are paths to wander around on that are filled with flowers, plants and trees that make you at times just stop to reach out and touch.  You close your eyes the smell of the flowers waft up your nose and your mouth turns up and you smile. Lot of little areas to seek and peek around ~ might see various wildlife critters but do not worry they are harmless.  Oh, but you never know about those pesky skunks or this one bear that has been aptly named Yogi skulking around trying to poach off picnickers.   Standing here looking out feeling the warm sun touching my skin I feel this sense of calm being here.  Really is truly magical and we will be coming back again and again to show you all the different spots for you to enjoy.  Yes today I am simply reveling in this glorious gown that was provided to me by way of the FashionArt Fair and a big thank you to “Haute – for this amazing gorgeous “Starry Sky gown.


Credits go to the following: 

Skin – Al Vulo, Hair – D!va *Natsuki*, Eyes – Madrid Solo *Realm Green*, Lashes – “MC Falsies”, Dress – Haute *Starry Sky* Pose – Image Essentials *Smart Casual1* which you can get the dress and the pose at FashionArt


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