Will be AFK…

Yes you read that correct as I am leaving tomorrow for 2 weeks ~ heading to the sunshine state for little bit of relaxing by the water and just unplugging ~ dragging my RL camera, my paperwhite and truly going to just step back and enjoy life ~ I did not make a Thanksgiving post giving thanks to those that have truly been there with me thru all but they do know each of them how much they are truly appreciated ~ I did grab my bestie and we now have an updated pics of us ~


Myself & Dena 

She is truly a blessing to me as a friend, as one that I can rant with, truly laugh till our tummies hurt and just be there for one another as much as she lives across the pond and I am in the states we are truly cut from the same cloth ~ for both of us and yes Dena am speaking for you am so so thankful that you and I met and clicked ~ also am thankful to my hubby Sten who TRULY puts up with a lot of my moodiness ~ lastly am very thankful to my sponsors and especially to all my loyal subscribers who make me smile from the likes and compliments ~ THANK YOU so so much and I am blessed that you do take the time to read the blog, enjoy it ♥  See you in 2 weeks ~ be good to yourself and to others ♥

All that glitters…

There is a well known saying “all that glitters is not gold” welp that does not apply here especially at the Winter Bazaar ~ nope because with what I am gonna be showing off it is definitely glittering ~ for those gacha addicts pulllease write this name down Oak & Thorn because what they are offering you will not be upset no matter what you win ~ ok ok I will let you see what I mean

You really will need to go see these items because the pics alone do not do justice to this absolutely stunning set ~ from the 3 Christmas cards on the mantle of that gorgeous fireplace that has gold running thru it ~ the stockings, the wall sconces and that divine wreath that could be kept all year round ~


Gacha items from Oak & Thorn 

Are they not uber gorgeous ~ ooh yes forgot to mention the reindeer candles  and the star ~ the entire set is just something that will be kept for year after year as the detail is just fabulous ~


All That Glitters by Oak & Thorn

Truly my images cannot justify how gorgeous this is without a lot of lighting changes and possibly a little pop using PS but when you see this in person or the lucky winners you will absolutely love all of them ~ at 50L a pull I honestly believe you will enjoy whatever prize you receive ~


Gacha Key 

Just a reminder this Winter Bazaar will start on December 1 and since I will be away for the first part of December as am going to be traveling please look at Seraphim for the LM’s ~

Credits go to Oak & Thorn for giving me the opportunity to show off these truly gorgeous items ~ thank you to Kennedy St James creator/owner ~ also again I do have to thank bestie Dena for her always helping me out when I need it ~ if I can will try to post again before I leave but if not will see you back right here in little over 2 weeks ~ am off to enjoy the sunny climate of Florida ~ ♥


Reeperbahn ooooh my what is that ~ yes I did google the word and seems Wikipedia tells me it is a “is a street and entertainment district in Hamburg’s St. Pauli district” as well as the city’s major red light district AND we all know what that means ~ so I grabbed my bestie Dena and we both put on outfits to entice, tease and just overall naughtiness to show you what KraftWork has for this months Kinky event that starts today ~



This really is such a sexy build  ~ from the shadows that you see there is so much detail in this ~ plus you get 2 sets ~ one that is animated and one that is static ~ you also have the choice of placing pose balls on the steps in the windows but hey why should I keep talking and not let you see ~


oooh la la 

Yup that is Dena leaning against the wall and me standing next to her ~ don’t we look uber hot *grinning*


Against the windows 

Nice poses as well to tease your clients, customers or just have fun with this ~ this set comes with a lot besides the pose balls that you can place anywhere around the set you also have the pose chair and the dance pole ~


Just showing off 

With Dena on the pose chair and myself on the dance pole we invite you to take a RIDE to Kinky and check out this set for yourselves ~ while you are there wander around and check out all the Kinkiness that is being offered ~ cya soon ♥

Credits and props go to Kraftwork and the creator NODNOL Jameson for giving us the opportunity to show off this hot build ~ and huge thanks to my bestie Dena for always being there and jumping right in …

Coming Soon…

Yes the Winter Bazaar is coming starting December 1st and the peek that I had of the location with the booths, and all that is being offered will be amazing ~ friends and family will really enjoy this ~ as one of the official bloggers for the event please keep watching this for upcoming peeks into some of the goodies that will be there ♥


Winter Bazaar 

It’s not all about shopping either especially if you are wanting some nice winter scenes to take pics of as the area really has some great places just for that ~ as well it is not all Christmas items either as it is all about Winter that glorious time for sledding, snowman building and SNOW!!! oooh yes my fave season where the air is crisp, clean and COLD at least where I am ~ to start off with a couple of peeks by Reckless Angel who I am using for the outside of our Rustic Barn/Home ~


Pallet Trees & Snowflakes by Reckless Angel 

Both items will be available at the Winter Bazaar by Reckless Angel and I placed them just on one side of the door to show you ~ there is one more color of Beige for the trees and the Ornaments also have Green and Red to choose from ~ both items are copy/mod that I like that option as you can really make the Ornaments a lot larger for display…great detail and love the craftmanship of the pallet trees ~ these will remain out until New Years ~ so I thank Savannah owner/creator of Reckless Angel giving me the opportunity to show off her gorgeous items ~ make sure you stop by Reckless Angel when the event opens…this sounds like a great event that I will be showing off more and more stuff so please stick around ~ no taxi service yet ~ my sleigh is in for repairs but the Elves are telling me that it will be ready in time for this so stick around ~ hugzz till then ♥

Props used

Reckless Angel ~ Pallet Trees & Ornaments ~


Enjoying a moment…

With my new RL schedule and wife’s busy with RL it is nice when we both can enjoy a quiet moment spending time together ~ what is even nicer is when Vic owner/creator of Nerenzo gives wife and myself his latest creation “Kobe” to try and blog about ~ Kobe consists of sofa couch and chair along with accessories as the table with vase and 2 different plants and a very nice rug ~ this is such a nice set that truly fits in with our rustic house but I think the quality of this would fit with any type of style house you have ~ even if you like to sit the entire set outdoors because of the wicker it would make a nice outdoor seating area ~ of course there are lots of poses for couples and singles some very naughty and some well you just need to take a ride over to his Main store and scope this set out and try it but remember please no nudity ~ while you are there why not join his group as he does give a very nice discount on future purchases as well as some great group gifts ~ its a win win ~


Kobe set by Nerenzo 

Because this is also copy mod you can double your seating if needed ~ the glass coffee table with the flower in the vase is truly a great piece


Relaxing on the couch 

And as you noticed above there are some really great couple poses for you to enjoy as you relax in front of your fireplace or just in your home ~ yes the bamboo plant is one of the plants that comes with this set ~ wife really loves the detail and the color matching pillows as she remarked “very homey yet chic” ~ btw you can also find this set on Marketplace for those that like shopping that way ~  and for those that love walking around the store here is your RIDE ~ take a walk around his sim for those decorating ideas and to try out his furniture ~ thanks again to Vic for his amazing talent in creating great pieces ~ and thanks to my wife for assisting me with taking all the pics ~ laters…

In the chapel…

As a huge huge fan of Elvis this was one that I truly had fun doing and even brought back some fond memories ~ KraftWork’s creator really went overboard with this month’s Pocket Gacha with the Graceland Chapel Set ~ even got Dena and hubby on board to help with this ~ as I worked on this of course I searched Youtube for Elvis’s famous “Crying in the Chapel” which you can listen to below ~


KraftWorks’ Graceland Chapel

As you can see from the outside with the Elvis Stained glass windows this chapel has so much detail ~ will open the doors to let you take a peek inside…


Posing Area 

The inside is so typical of Elvis’s taste in color ~ tacky yes but that was Elvis he was all out there ~ grabbed hubby and we both had agreed 3 years ago no wedding but it was nice to take time to pose under the heart ~ there is plenty of room to set up table for gifts or even a smaller version of the wedding or just the photographers area to take before and after pics of the happy couple…


Inside the Chapel

As you look inside the chapel you can see everything is set up to conduct a wedding Vegas/Elvis style *giggling* what is cute is you have to spin the Vegas Wedding Wheel am sure you will either laugh or groan but gotta admit its genius ~ the chairs are copy so you can have as many guests as you want ~ from the pulpit and the wall art along with the plants they are all part of the gacha items…


Gacha Key 

You can see above all the items that are included and let me let Dena take over now *laughing as she puts her spin on this ~


Drive thru Divorce 

“Do you know how easy it is here in Vegas to get married? On one side of a Church you can have Elvis marry you and then you go to the other side and get divorced~ with so many drive in chapels everywhere you look no-wonder people just love to hit this town…Not only for the ‘quickie weddings’ but to play the slots in the casino’s have a hand of Blackjack or maybe even try their luck at the roulette wheel..”

Truly this set is one of a kind that is for the moment exclusive to the PocketGacha ~ the hud is on Marketplace  ~ here is also the link for the shopping list for this month ~ you still have until Dec 14th to grab up this exclusive items ~ enjoy ~ till next time hugzz

Credits to my sponsor KraftWork for giving me the opportunity to have fun with these items ~ to my sexy hubby for taking time out to assist me and for my bestie Dena and blog partner for also helping out ~ thanks bunches all ~ also to my followers I truly appreciate you supporting and following my blog posts ~

Props used

REIGN.- Summer Roadtrip Droptop AQUA
KraftWork Graceland Chapel RARE
KraftWork Vegas Drive-Thru Divorce
KraftWork Vegas Wedding Wall Art
KraftWork The Vegas Wedding Wheel
KraftWork A Vegas Wedding Pulpit
KraftWork Graceland Potted Plants 2
KraftWork Chapel Wedding Chair 1
KraftWork Graceland Chapel Neon
Graceland Chapel Landscaping T2
Graceland Chapel Landscaping T1
Graceland Chapel Landscaping Strelitzia
Cardboard cutout of Elvis Epeya Medici
[MO]Tall Grass
(CsG) Fall Grassy Field
Raindale Meadow grass ~ dry 







Winter Fantasy…

Hellooo everyone ~ have you missed me?  Yes as most of you knew that I was moving in RL and it took a lot longer than I thought to get all settled in but this move has been probably the best one yet ~ am no longer close to my favorite location the beach but the mountains and the landscape truly make up for it ~ as one of my sponsors “Once Upon Time” has given me the gorgeous Winter Bed set that will is available at The Secret Garden event ~ “The Secret Garden event is a magical journey through enchanted gardens that change with the season. Ten magical butterflies inhabit the gardens and each hide beautiful, exclusive items” …


Winter Bed Set 

Growing up always wanted a canopy style bed except cost wise and room wise made it not possible ~ and this bed is simply gorgeous without a lot of fru fru if you get my drift…the bed has a lot of couple animations that some are very very naughty and some are PG rated ~


Closer Look

This entire set is included as an exclusive for the Secret Garden ~ You will receive the bed, rug, pillows, table and the vase of tulips ~ all separate which makes it nice ~ the colors really just scream fantasy winter where you and your special someone is walking through a winter forest and come upon this ~ Dontcha just love the design and colors as much as I do ~ keeping this out so hubby and I can finally have our special anniversary celebration as we are now going into our 3rd year of being partners ~ and those that know SL 3 years is truly a milestone in relationships ~ but something about Sten and I that just clicked and we compliment each other plus why would I trade him in ~ very little faults and he loves to spoil me with surprises now and then plus some other things that well I will keep private but he truly keeps me smiling and I can’t help but love him…so ARE you looking for your own special winter fantasy then take my special SLEIGH and head over to The Secret Garden and grab up all the goodies ~ also take another side trip to Once Upon Time’s main store and have a look around ~till next time be good to yourself and others ♥

Credits go to loly hallison owner/creator of Once Upon Time for letting me show off her fabulous creations as well as to my uber sexy hubby Sten for always being there after 3 years and putting up with me ~ love ya lotz luv ♥

Props Used: 

Shot at my residence using the following items 

Snowed Tree – *Rita Munro
“Moon_Sha” Handcart White – Snow
[DDD] Snow Dust
[DDD] Snow Spot
GOOSE – couples snowy lantern
Once Upon Time… Winter Set Rug Light Blue
Once Upon Time… Deco Pillows Winter Set
Once Upon Time… The Winter Bed
Once Upon Time… Table Bed Winter Set
Once Upon Time… Tulips White Small
Hayabusa Design – Sakura Tsyu Kosade
[ Organica ] BIrch 3