Mmmm Second Skin…

A good friend of Starr’s called Taz ( KingBel Nandahar) of Taz’s Customs has decided to branch out into making clothes and I have been given the opportunity to show you one of his latest creation that is available on Marketplace as well as at his Inworld store  ~ An  eye-catcher not only in the name of this dress “Second Skin but in the fit also and am sure you will get some HOT, HOT, HOT looks in this ~


Second Skin by Taz’s Customs


First as I set out on a stroll around SL looking for new places to visit and found this interesting place called Brampton Wood/Scorpion Cove  and you can see from the above pic they have some gorgeous birch trees to lean against among some other great photo ops or just another interesting place to explore ~ now back to this gorgeous dress that if you are wanting to match your dress almost to your skin tone this is the dress for you called Second Skin as it fits like a glove and makes you feel very sexy as its texture is snake skin and will have you squirming with delight as well as your partner…With that said have to rush off to RL Now- I now its a drag and it does get in the way sometimes but has to be done lol Be safe Hugs Dena ♥


Taz’s Customs ~ Second Skin Dress
CATWA HEAD Catya v2.16
IKON Odyssey Eyes Apex
Vivienne hair-Faiths Family
*YS&YS* ILLY Catya Shape (Tweaked) 

Shot on location using Pose by CKEY  ~ found ONLY on Marketplace 

Special Rez Day…

Today is my good friend Othon’s 11th Rezz Day and I got invited ~ so am gonna slip on a party dress ~ Eleven years is a long time in SL if you think about it ~ I have been here for almost 9 years next month ~ but Othon decided to throw a party to celebrate his rezz day ~ from the invites which are adorable that I will show you in a moment to the entire party this was a fantastic event ~


Love a Nice Invite 

Really nicely done invitation as Othon always puts a lot of thought into his planning ~ I met Othon when I started coming to Oval Theater for their productions and he really made me feel like part of their theater family ~ Am ready for the party as all of their parties that the Oval family has they are fun am sure this will be fantastic ~As I never know at times what to get someone for a Rezz Day pressie so Othon my sweet  friend this blog post is ALL about YOU and your special Day ~


Standing with the Guest of Honor

Othon stood at the balloon entrance and was greeting the first arrivals ~ always looking dashing in his tux and I am wearing a new creation from KiB Designs that I will tell you more about in my next post ~ I stood next to him so I could wish him a very happy 11th Rezz Day ~ Looking around the room you can see Othon’s style went into the decor as it was perfect ~


DJ Addy Hax and his Assistant Alina 

Oh yes the music was bumping ~ DJ Addy tunes really helped make the party a huge success ~ playing a variety of tunes that had everyone up and on the dance floor and was non stop ~ plus always fun to hear a giggle and laughs from the DJ as he voiced the upcoming songs and any dedications ~ with that sexy accent that well you know had some of the guys ok I will keep this strictly PG ~ but let me say he did have a very nice voice…As the guests would arrive I tried to get some comments from them regarding Othon ~ note I did not alter any of them *giggling* just copy/paste *still giggling* lets get started on some from his partner Richardson Nootan-Weiland this is what he had to say “during this last year, Othon has been there for me and suppoting me, he is a jewel xxxxxxx”  Another good friend of mine Kyle Mckenna made this comment “he’s very sentimental” and giggling Kyle’s partner Beez Starling I asked he answered this “fecking old fart” but I do know for a fact that both of them have only the highest regard for their good friend Othon as he is such a treasure and jewel that they could never see Oval without Othon…Course I had to ask another Oval Cast Member Red Hykova for a comment “Othon has made a lot of close friends in SL over the years, at The Oval he is like the father figure of our theatre family, he always has a smile, a joke, a great idea or some sound advice to share, he’s kind and thoughtful and would do anything to help anyone. I’m happy to be here to celebrate his 11th Birthday this genuinely sweet man :)”


Dancing to the Music 

The dance floor was filling up with everyone rocking to the tunes ~ turned out Othon had a lot of his artists and close friends there to help him celebrate this day ~ even had a cake that hey someone got on top and was really getting into the tunes…While everyone was dancing some were recalling fond memories of Othon throughout the years now I even heard a tale about a gift of a Piano but think I won’t spill the beans on that as you can ask him yourself if you like to know or ask *giggling* Kyle or Beez hehe


Othon on top of cake

I met a lot of nice people that had some really kind words to say about Othon like Mitch Underby said this “Othon is a great co-owner, full of ideas and life. He makes our region colorful and happy.”  As well as Theron Mexicola had this comment for me “Othon has been an a great friend to me since i met him. i was so nervous when i was asked to to take part in a production of the Rocky Horror Picture Show. Othon was a supportive friend and i was able to do the show. I am proud to call him my friend”  As the party was coming to a close I could tell Othon and everyone had a great time celebrating his 11th year in Second Life ~ from the comments and knowing Othon you have to realize at least for me and I am sure others as well that SL is not a “game” but its made up of so many individuals that make long lasting friendships that become a part of your lives ~ Othon my wish for you is to have many more fantastic years in SL and that you bring so many of us smiles and happiness thank you as I am truly honored to be your friend…..



Little Big House…

First I must say thank you to KraftWork for giving me the opportunity to blog for them ~ and my wish is that I honestly put my best work out there for them ~ at least I will give it 100% as I try to do with each of my sponsors ~ so thank you for your confidence…This house if I had of seen at Cosmopolitan I would of snatched it up in a heart beat it is one of those houses that you have to look at again and visualize what can be done ~ I called it little big house because from the Ad it looks rather small but…..wait and see


The Bach House 

And what you see looks like ok right?  With a little imagination and please trust me am not the greatest decorator of stuff for inside houses as usually hubby handles inside and me I do landscaping so this was a nice challenge ~ Wanted to make the place inviting for guests or just hubby and bestie ~


Redone deck and entrance 

Just adding a few simple pieces and the hanging pots and plants gives it your first look ~ plus I did not want to go overboard ~ but love the tree that comes with the house and the deck color is perfect….Next you step in the door and kitchen is there ~



Added the wire stools ~ oops left the burner on geez ~ and made sure we had a nice sponge cake for our sweet tooths ~ really does give you room for a kitchen table and chairs this was just one look ~ to the right you go into the living room ~


Living Area 

Oh yes puppies were xcited to watch some TV but you can see still having plenty of room without that crammed in feeling ~ also nice designs on the windows as the puppies ran back and forth looking out ~ lets head back out and up the stairs to the bedroom area



Again with the window design you do not get that claustrophobic feeling and still I could of put a little more into this room but liked the airiness ~ for those that have the prims but not the land space this would be perfect ~ and still so much you can do with the little big house ~ again am not a professional decorator LOL but wanted to give you a feel of that homeyness ~ will be showing off more of their items and they have some really interesting ones ~ with the detail and the craftsmanship of this house it is certainly worth your time to take my TAXI to their Main store look for the demo and possibly you will be the proud owner of this little big house ~ stay tuned, stick around for more stuff ~ as I think Dena has some fashion to show off ~ thank you again to the owners of KraftWork ~


Bach House ~ by KraftWork at Main Store
Patio Chair Set by Chez Moi comes with Chairs & Teapot & tea cups
Spring Patio set Gacha item by Bee Designs
Planter w/Purple flowers by *Lok’s*
Summer planter & hanging plants by what next *fifty linden Friday
Wire Stools by Fancy Decor ~ group gift
Sponge Cake & Slice by What next ~ group gift
Sofa by Dekute Dekore
TV & puppies by Jian ~ gacha item Rare & Starry Nation Wall Art ~ gift
Vintage Rug by LISP Fifty linden Friday
Book Pile Lamp, Square Table & Flower Case  by Kalopsia ~
Vintage office desk by Naughty But Nice 
Square Table by Kalopsia
Upcycled pallet bed ~ tarte
Hanging Candles ~ by DDD ~ no longer Available

Our Exotic Vacation

Dena and I just knew we needed to take a short trip just to get away and de-stress ~ life sometimes comes at you and bogs you down that you take your bestie and just pack your bags and hit the highway ~ We packed our bikini’s and these gorgeous matching Cayman Strapless dresses from Julz latest release and headed to the Island of Oahu ~ land of the flowers and clear blue waters…We landed at the Oahu Island Resort which is truly paradise and yes that is one of the islands in Hawaii ~  what a gorgeous island paradise where one of the nicest greeters named Stephanie said “aloha” along with inviting us to wander around enjoy the sights and reminded us to come back next month when the island will be decked out in true Hawaiian splendor ~

Oahu Resort1

Oahu Vacation Resort

Water looking gorgeous and looks like enough activities to keep you busy if you are up for that or just lounge on the beach or those cute cabins ~ from surfboards to walking trails remember to bring your camera as the water is crystal clear you will want some shots for those memory books ~ Dena and I spied a nice Tiki Bar that was calling our name

Oahu Resort2

Tiki Bar

First we decided to change out of our travel clothes and slipped into Julz Cayman outfits ~ different colors but still matching and headed down for a sip of a refreshing Mai Tai ~


Myself & Dena showing off our Cayman outfits

Waiting at the bar to be served our drinks gave Starr and myself the opportunity to show you these outfits from JULZ Designs have to say the seem to take there time around here but then I would not expect anything else in a place as exotic as this.. so lets show you before we blend in to this way of life lol~. From its big statement bow that hugs the bust then draws your eye downwards to the waist that shows off your curves as it flows on down over your hips to the floaty two tiered skirt, this will be just right to wear for getting that tan to the shoulders or as we are getting or trying to get a drink at the bar’ laughing’ ~ As we enjoy out afternoon laughing and chatting about everything as normal we get to show you this in the blue that I am wearing and the green that Starr is wearing both called Cayman Strapless Dress and think how good we are looking in them with our flowers in our hair and wonder where we will end up next on our SL journey~ We will leave you now but we both know you would like a TAXI to Julz to snatch this very affordable Cayman Dress ~ please stick around as you never know where Dena or myself will end up ~ Peace out from us both ♥

Eyeshadow~Zibska llie~April-powder-pack
Skin-Amara-Justine -tone 3 -April Powder-Pack
Lipstick-Catwa master hud
eXxEsS Senuna Mesh Hair A
CATWA HEAD Catya v2.16
IKON Odyssey Eyes  Apex
Julz Cayman Strapless dress Azure Blue
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V4.1
CATYA Shape (tweaked )

CATWA HEAD Catya v2.16
CCD – Nose Piercing
IKON Hope Eyes (right) – Nymph
JULZ Cayman Strapless Dress Aqua
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V4.1
NSP Hibiscus Hair Flower White

Shot all on location of the Island Resort of Oahu where their motto is “We are the Disney of SL Weddings and Retreats. Let us Make your dreams come true!” ~ using poses from LumiPro 2017 

At the beach…

Like the UK where I am living in the USA we are also experiencing hot weather but at least a/c is fixed YAY and decided to head over to the beach to cool off with the ocean and start working on getting a little sun on my skin ~ never can be too careful though especially on those cloudy days where the temps are hot but the sun is hiding behind the clouds those are the days where you can really get burned ~ so wear sunscreen especially when you are out in that cool ocean sun reflecting off as I found out the hard way as no one likes sunburned faces ~ ouch ~ but this swimsuit that am wearing today is the kind I would of worn back when I was much younger *giggling* ~ WellMade is at Designer Showcase featuring Mara swimsuit ~ and yes am gonna show you right now…


Mara Swimsuit by WellMade 

This will fit those Classic avi’s if you have not made the switch over to Mesh as well as the creator has made sure this will really fit any type of mesh body as you can see in my Maitreya bod it fits perfectly with no needed adjusting ~ and yes am relaxing but I will stand up for you can see the front and back ~ with a nice hud you have choices of 5 different prints ~


Mara Swimsuit 

First I love the cut outs for both sides and as you look it is giving the appeal of a one piece suit ~ but let me show you the back as I was surprised as well when I slipped this on…


Bum’s View 

Same suit but from the back it looks like you are wearing a bikini ~ unique isn’t it ~ cute little bow that good thing hubby wasn’t around he would of wanted to tug on it knowing him ~ ooops I did not turn far enough around that you could see the cute tat am showing ~ grins maybe another time ~ only reason am mentioning this is because the creator of the tat is Kittia and such a sweety as she is one of the Mod’s for the Catwa Heads Friends group plus she knows her stuff too as she has given me some pointers when I was stuck anyway she has some cute tats on Marketplace called Bumper Girl so check it out…and speaking of tats the back gives you a nice area if you are into bigger tats for the back area ~ I like the way this suit was designed along with the textures ~ its a keeper in my closet ~ Here is your TAXI to Designer Showcase scoop up this suit and wander around as the month is getting shorter and you won’t have much time left ~ Let me leave you on a note that if you are concerned about sizes or how a skin might look or how a shape will affect you look PLEASE try a demo ~ no matter how good the pics of the item is like a specific shape on the model on you it might be completely different and I truly wish this for all skin creators and ESPECIALLY shape makers that please have demo’s for us to try ~ nuff said with that and thank you to my followers and my readers it is very appreciative ~ to the creators and designers that give me the opportunity to show off your items I sincerely thank you ~ till next time when Dena & I both come together to show off an outfit for you ~ Peace out ♥

/Wasabi Pills/ Jody Mesh Hair
CATWA HEAD Catya v2.16
CCD – Nose Piercing
IKON Hope Eyes – Nymph
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V4.1
[WM] Mara Swimsuit Maitreya ~ found at Designer Showcase
*YS&YS* ILLY Catya Shape tweaked by moi~June’s PowderPack
*YS&YS* Illy Catwa applier~June’s PowderPack

Shot on location of Image Essentials Beach Area” using Exclusive Dreamy Poses that can be found at Twelve & Bold & Brassy that is still at JerseyShore 2 Event 

At the beach…

Here in the UK we have been basking in sunshine with temperatures reaching the 30s C and above in some parts of the country, and have read that this weekend has been the hottest on record here for 167 years …..With that thought in my head I decided to take myself off to the beach and see if it was any cooler.


Marcy Outfit by Hilly Haalan 

Combing my hair with my fingers and trying to get it in some sort of order this comes from Wasabi Pills before I slipped into this fabulous top and shorts from Hilly Haalan at Designer Showcase called Marcy…then headed off to the beach in the hope that its not to crowded. Found a really cool and deserted beach here at  Cape San Blas Beach it is just what I needed today with the waves crashing on the shore to cool me off and seagulls crying while in flight ~  have to admit I took advantage of the surf’s spray for a few minuets before I get to showing you this outfit, hope I’m forgiven lol


Bill the Bird checking my close up ~ 

Hilly Haalan has sure come up with a winner for me this time with this shorts and top outfit called Marcy, as I would love to be wearing this here today, but let me show you what I mean,after standing for a few moments with the waves coming in waiting for the spray to hit me to cool off the heat from my body you can see why I said this is a winner for me- you can let the air hit your abdomen to cool you down and in this lacy top it is just so feminine but also you have the option of changing the top to the Nautical as you saw in the first pic ~ now my friend “Bill” is checking me out closer and laughing as yes I did name him ~ he didn’t peck me so must of given his beak of approval…giggling…


Bag comes with outfit 

Am sure you will love the bag as it has both a hand hold and as I have worn it here on my shoulder and you can also get see a close up of these pretty bracelets that are also included in this outfit, I love silver in RL think it stands out really well when you have a tan, this on the shoulder hold too comes in very handy when you need both hands free to shop with or have a drink ~


Heels also Included

I wore theses heels that are included to the beach will show you what they look like before I change as don’t wish to ruin them before I have had the chance to get good wear out of them lol As you can see they match up with the outfit really well with the cut away sides and open toes that shows I have painted my nails to match my outfit too ok ok just saying I do like to co-ordinate sometimes …*laughing* Right better get back now as my new friend Bill is just about to take flight with his friends. Once again it’s been great showing you another one of the outfits from Designer Showcase this month,you still have time to TP over there and check out this and many more outfits. Taxi anyone?

Till next time be safe ~ Hugs Dena♥


Skin -Essences-serenity -medium 01 from Powder Pack 
Wasabi Pills- Viola
CATWA HEAD Catya v2.16
IKON Hope Eyes  – Starfall
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V4.1
[hh] Marcy Bracelet ~ found at Designer Showcase 
[hh] Marcy Heels MAITREYA~ found at Designer Showcase 
[hh] Marcy Shorts MAITREYA~ found at Designer Showcase 
[hh] Marcy Top MAITREYA WHITE~ found at Designer Showcase 
CATYA Shape- Tweaked
Poses used by Image Essentials Khaleesi  also at Designer Showcase 

On the Road…

Sometimes you just have to really go outside the box especially when you want some to really stand out ~ am sure I have said this many times that I love blogging as it gives you another creative outlet at least for me it does ~ showing off fashion, places and/or events appeals to me especially when you have to really use your creative side of your brain and go oooh this just might work ~ today am feeling very Posh as Dena would say and that is because of one of the newest creations from Julz ~ slipping it on you might think of wearing this to a Gallery opening or possibly a very Red carpet event ~ somewhere when you walk into that room you are going to grab everyone’s eye and hold their attention as you walk across the floor ~ what is this dress you ask well the name that you will look for when you go into her shop is Honalulu Dress, which I am going to show you in Violet but there are other different colors as well ~


Honalulu Dress by Julz

From the design and textures this dress is a chic, trendy outfit that you will have in your closet to wear to those events that will make friends envious and whisper “where did she get that” ~ now you can keep that secret to yourself but why not just be nice and say “Why at Julz of course” ~ this is a dress that you want to go full out with a chic updo and not too too much makeup to distract the main event and that is this gorgeous Honalulu Dress ~ and yes you want to see closer I get that so….


Honalulu Dress by Julz

Vibrant colors that if you ever travel to Hawaii this will bring back those memories of all the tropical flowers, colors and smells ~ love how the upper ruffle frames your face but again doesn’t take on its own life if you know what I mean lol…Exotic, fresh and once you slip this on very posh and oh so trendy plus very very affordable ~ I do love Julz creations and always look forward to seeing what she has been creating ~ but I just know you are looking for my TAXI to take you right to her shop ~ now it is in the back so once you step out of the taxi look for the back room that has the gowns and you will not be able to miss all the vibrant colors to choose from ~ enjoy looking at all her items even possible join her group as her gifts are equally nice as well ~ please stick around for either Dena and myself have plenty to show as for me I need to get out of this hot sun especially forgetting my shoes on this dusty hot pavement my tootsies are starting to scorch…be good to others as well as yourself ~ Peace out ♥


Zibska Gilt Lips Powder Pack June
Studio Exposure Eye Makeup Powder Pack June
CATWA HEAD Catya v2.16
CCD – Nose Piercing
enVOGUE HAIR – Naomi Bento
IKON Hope Eyes – Nymph
JULZ Honalulu Dress Violet
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V4.1
*YS&YS* ILLY Catya ~ found in June’s PowderPack
*YS&YS Shape tweaked by moi

Shot at my Residence using Vogue poses by Image Essentials that is still exclusively at The Jersey Shore 2 event ~