Little boys are…

Little boys are just a little bit of this and that ~ they are ones that want to keep their stuffed animals close ~ little boys are also made of sugar and spice and everything nice as they will keep toys that you thought were tossed aside years ago, they will mix the old with the new from their dragons to that brand new trike they keep shiny ~ you smile when you peep into their playroom seeing a mix of board games with the stand by favorites of Buzz Lightyear and his companion Woody ~ you see he grabbed the butler with the huge boombox to put in his playroom as you chuckle wondering if he knows what a boombox is…


Little boys…

Yes little boys are just like little girls ~ made out of everything nice ~ they get messy, they pluck your nerves putting handprints on the walls, feeding the dog peanut butter, cutting their sister’s hair except as you look at them sleeping you still love them unconditionally…♥♥

Props used:

.UT. Cart *All my Toys* – Boys *m*
-Pixicat- Wonderland.Cat nr.1 (Black) *g*
Schadenfreude Meat Piggie Wiggie *m*
Sway’s [Ten] Stack of Books *g*
Serenity Style TravelPuppetSuitcase 
{YD} Giraffe baby – Gift
Mutress – Ribald Butler – Beat Bringer – RARE *g*
.Snips&Snails. Retro TV *m*
[SB TOYS] Prince Collection Doll – Woody *m*
[SB TOYS] Prince Collection Doll- Buzz *m*
Pewpew! Mad Teddy “Classic” *m*
-RC- Convenience Store Snacks – Moritos *g*
O.M.E.N – Halloween Cake Snack Yum! (decor) *m*
Toy Tractor & Toy Truck ~ Mesh Mania *m*
DINO – 10 ~ MCSL Company *m*
Baby Boy Toy Green Dinosaur Nursery *m*
C* Adorable Dalmation Puppy *g*
*HEXtraordinary* Parakeet Pal – Clover *g*
*HEXtraordinary* Parakeet Pal – Violet *g*
*HEXtraordinary* Parakeet Pal – Sunny *g*
KraftWork Triciclo (CHILDREN) *sponsor*
Aboriginal X Mesh Baseball Bat *m*
[CC] Nightgaunt Plushie *g*
PixHim*Amigurumi Ninja *Confused *g*
<:*BoOgErS*:> Boat Car Stripe *g*
::Duh!:: Summer Time Owlie Transistor Radio *g*
Beyond Prims Sailboat Mantleplace Ornament *m*
Kalopsia – Crates Shelf 
[G] Plush Pet – Lord *g*
KITE – Panda Daycare – Balloons GIFT
Brass standing telescope *c* Aley *m*
Raindale ~ Sheer Curtain ~ (gift)
Little Boys Wall Art *c* ℭℌαstḯty (chastitydark) *m*
Naive Design Paper Windmill Blue *m*
[sf] country rug – tinted
Build *hive // tabby’s terrace skybox [luxe box exclusive]


love gives me…

Anyone see the tearjerker “Beaches” ~ we are talking major tissue time and Dena came up with a perfect saying for this wall that actually this could be for any lovers as very gender non specific but the saying just fits ~ a cozy space to cuddle in and enjoy the sunrise where the warm sepia tones just wash over you both ~ sitting on the couch as you watch the dog looking warily at the cat and wondering ut oh is she gonna pounce again on me or what…from the poster on the wall hints of travels either future or past but either way all good memories…


love gives me wings

Nothing broken here as you just get a feeling of beautiful love between two people as the cracked heart makes you think they know what could happen  but work at letting it not happen…as the cat creeps closer you sit waiting in anticipation what she will do…♥♥

Props used: 
Once Upon Time… Black/Grey Big Sofa PG/ レღ レム (Loly Hallison)
Once Upon Time.. Frame Grey Paris/ レღ レム (Loly Hallison)
Once Upon Time… Lamp Tall/ レღ レム (Loly Hallison)
Once Upon Time… Petite Black/Grey Sofa/ レღ レム (Loly Hallison)
“Killer’s” Broken Stone Heart Statue/ ƘιℓℓєяƲιвєѕ (KillerVibes Resident)
.DirtyStories. Lost Angel Wings – Black & White/DontLeaveMeAlone Resident
[ zerkalo ] The Piano Bar – Candles/Daniel Estro (DanielEstro Resident)
TMH] Classic Wonderland Hat in Black & White *****/Saraid Dalglish
CC Baron Fedora – Black & White Plaid/CoutureChapeau Resident
Black Cat – Mesh/Hannah Kozlowski
[Black Bantam] Shar Pei Puppy Gray Female/Stasey Oller
[sf] country rug – white/Heavenly Villa
Wings wall saying/Dena Teardrop
Build ~ Scarlet Creative Emily past Collabor88 item

Lay back and…

The night is almost over as you look out the windows and what a perfect time to relax as all is quiet in the night ~ you light the candles as you love the darkness only lit by candles ~ grab a nice cold glass of your favorite red wine ~ the tub fills with the scents of lavender from the sprinkling of bath salts ~ steam starts to rise up from the tub and now is the time to just step in and ease your body in ~ lay back your head and listen to the radio that is playing in the background and just enjoy…


Enjoying the solitude 

oh you noticed 2 wine glasses well maybe your special someone is joining you or maybe it is just xtra glass when you finish first ~ scattered bath petals give you that special feeling even if you scattered them ~ so lay your head back, reach over and grab the glass of wine, close your eyes, take that first sip and breath a nice sigh of relief ~ music soothes your soul and all your day just escapes as you enjoy the warm water ~ yes lose yourself ♥

Props used:

DRD – Series 01 – Dirty Laundry DRD Shadow Box
Cluster of Candles – Original Version – Pablo Kolcci Store
[sf] pot of candles-*gg*
[Merak] – Elegant Bathtub-Deco Box/Sept
[Merak] – Elegant Mirror-Deco Box/Sept
[Merak] – Towels Brown-Deco Box/Sept
[Merak] – Towels Stripes-Deco Box/Sept
[Merak] – Soap and Towels-Deco Box/Sept
Bath mat Sintagma – Blue -borrowed from hubby inv.
Bath mat Sintagma – Beige-borrowed from hubby inv.
NOMAD // Black Rose Petals *m*
NOMAD // Red Rose Petals *m*
[DDD] Hanging Candles (1S) – White *m*
+Half-Deer+ Fairy Curtain – Long (White *m*
Dreamland Designs Filled Red Wine Glass
*LODE* Decor – Bagatiba Golden Bottle
i { DH } Floral Heart Shelf Gift -gift
ANGEL CROWN *c*ღCђaтόη đε Pίηкiღ (shiva99)
*Funky*Junk* Pinecone Angel (Candle)
DKD – Halloween Birdcage Candles –
2# KraftWork Vintage Radio Girl *g*
~SongBird~ Engineer Goggles : Copper
{Q-Essentials} License Plate Clock ~ gift
Scarlet Creative ~ Carnaval Beach House  -Luxe Box July

Come look…

After thinking last night about all my stuff, which my closet and my inventory is for me bursting at the seams it was time to take a look and see exactly what stuff I do have ~ and what better way than to show it off is to put up one of my favorite builders Scarlett Creative aka Charlotte Bartlett cottages called Aria ~ if you are lucky to subscribe to the Luxe Box she honors us almost every month with a build ~ the cottage has a very open look to it and I am sure it will be used again with other stuff ~ giggling every time I see that word stuff after listening again to George Carlin‘s monologue I do have to laugh ~ this is such a neat little house and it is an exclusive just for the Luxe Box, which makes it very special ~ you can see this area is very open and could be used as a living room like I did or even split it up with a work area, smaller kitchen stuff ~ possibilities are many..


Showing a little of my Stuff 

Love the windows on this along with the hardwood floors ~ if you look about with what I have placed about you just might recognize some earlier gacha prizes like the Anteaters from Mutress ~ its nice to be able to show them off as I did have to spend couple moments taking a dust cloth to them *giggling* ~ please enjoy looking about and maybe this will give you some idea’s on what to do with your gacha’s ~ thanks see you next time ♥

Credits ~ *c*= creator ~ **m**=marketplace *gg* =group gift *g*=gacha item 

Build ~ Scarlet Creative *c* Charlotte Bartlett Luxe ~ May
Soy Windmill *c* Soyoy
[sf]stool with books *c* Heavenly Villa *gg
Fancy Decor Birch Candles *c*Jake Vordun*gg
[n.i] anatomy at its best *c*jackson manis Tag event
Mutress Chic Anteater *The Bride*Arcade *c* Eeky Cioc
Mutress Chic Anteater *The Tourist ~ Arcade
Mutress Pleased Dalmatian Puppie ~ Arcade
8f8 Milk Bottles-event gift *c* iBi
Shabby Potted Lollys TMC gift *c*Rosemaery Lorefield
.:revival:. Bucket of tulips *c* Momentous
[HANDverk] Oz relic green spectacles *c* Daphne Klossovsky *g*
uK My Whole Heart Wall ARt *c* jamie rozenberg *m*
Serenity Style All for Love Suitcase *c* hanstrid inshan *m*
Serenity Style Nannja Southern Bed Table *m*
Serenity Style Nannja Southern Plant/part of table
Serenity Style Nannja Southern Book/part of table
Apt B TAG Teapot *c* fadearcade *g*
Apple Fall Wooden Trunk *c* Apple Fall *m*
{what next}Floor Jar Lantern *c* Winter Thorn
Bee Designs Little Boys #5 *c* Bee Caudron Law
{lmeka} Sweet Cat Pumpkin *Rare *c*NatiWilliams
Vagabond Tray Table *c* Harper B DeLaurent
:CP Plum Blossom Vase *c* Isla Gealach
NOMAD Art Noveau Floor Lamp-Forest Sub Past *c*Pira (piraiyah.novikov)
Violin & Bow *c*Saphyre cyberstar
<:*BoOgErS*:> Bearny & Bunny *c* Zen Zarco *g*
Clustered Oakland Set Pillow Basket-Cosmo gift *c* adambrj
Fllor Lamp New England CHEZ MOI *c nanda Marjeta Deco Box-May
Dekute Dekore Plush Accent Chair *c Debil Skute Advent gift
Dekute Dekore Plush Sofa *Debil Skute
Cluster of Candles *c Pablo Kolcci *m*
{Reverie} ‘Oh Salem Dolls’*c* Harrold Paolla Flux-Carr TAG event *g*
*HEXtraordinary* Common Aqua Pixie *c Corwin Lacourte TAG event *g*
{C&C} Ankh Shelf *c November Nighthearth Pandora Box -May







Maybe you noticed the post about the decision to stop doing fashion and possibly thought I was giving up blogging and the answer is nope so what are we doing now ~ welp as the renamed blog says “it’s not about fashion it’s all about stuff”  ~ from inside the house to outside the house you gotta fill it with stuff ~ George Carlin did such a funny comedic routine on click on “Stuff” to listen…and that is what Dena and I are gonna do ~ like our first venture with the Horror House and putting out stuff ~ we might find “stuff” on Marketplace and or various Gacha events like The Arcade or Gimme Gacha events where there is lotz of “stuff” or some great stores that we are finding like Serenity Style that I am discovering from my Bloggie Award prize ~ whatever we do find we will begin to start showing our stuff in a part of the house ~ we must tell you that neither one of us are Home and Garden bloggers like Moz Loordes or Wendz Tempest that I truly envy their talents nope we are just beginners who wanted a new challenge and are excited to begin this new chapter ~ that is what makes SL the possibilities are limitless ~ our wish from both of us that you stick around and enjoy us showing you stuff ~ we will do our best to always credit the creator and where we got the “Stuff” from ~ thanks again and we cannot wait to show off our stuff ~


Dena and I ready to show you stuff 

Till then keep watching as we are working on gathering and sorting our stuff ~ be good to yourself and kind to others ~ hugzz & peace out ♥ ooops btw I wanna give a special thanks to ℜєggίє Ğαsʇõñ Ŵirsίñĝ for just being there ~ hugzz and check out her blog stylings of a lunatic” 

Did you get…

Oh yes did you get that invite ~ the one that possibly came in your inbox ~ the one that invites you to this years little House of Horrors ~ possibly it is a good thing you did not receive one as this invite is one I would be wary of ~ the house itself or at least the front porch does not look like one I would like to even go up to ~ shuddering now as I look at it..


Little House of Horror

Invitees might be rude people that you know the ones, bullies that tend to pick on whoever, mean people ~ but you get the drift on who is getting these invites ~ cause once you go in you might never come back out again ~ seems a lesson is taught and those that never learn welp as I shrug my shoulders not sure what happens to those but might be Freddie takes care of those later *winks* so did ya get your invite…if not just be very thankful ♥

Props used ~ mostly were found on Marketplace ~ a virtual store of goodies for under 10L~ (c) denotes and gives credit to the creator **M** -found on Marketplace

Pilot Fall Garden ~ (c)kaz nayar
Pilot Plastic Jack-O-Lantern Black (c)kaz nayar
Skull&Books table ~ (c) Armando Woodland
Morf’s Mesh Jack-o-pumpkin ~ (c) morf galaxy **M**
*HEXtraordinary Halloween Jack O – (c) corwin Lacourte
Fresh Meat Dish ~ (c)grandmaster rexen **M**
Grave Keeper (c)Piper Patrucci
Skeleton – (c)Raya Jonson **M**
*Just BECAUSE* Pumpkins (c)Annie Melson
MOoH! Witch black cat ~ (c)Dalriada Delwood
PFC Jack o’lantern (c)Pucca Firecaster *gift
BGC Horror Clown – (c) Krikket Blackheart
alien monster -(c)Jackhammerhp Strom **M**
XSD Spooky Ghost Girl – (c)xena scarmon **M**
RO The Doll Maker Bloody Mary (c)axisisthorn
[blissiere] gacha life group gift zombie ghost
(:amuse:) Witches Brew -(c) amuse bouche
D-Lab Puppet witch – (c) dazai Voom
Dead Rat ~ Acme Grune ~(c) Rudee Voom **M**
BGC Deadly Bear ~ (c)Krikket Blackheart
Xstar Brain ~ (c) Zombie Xstar **M**
Graveyard Shift ~ Deadpool ~(c) Kunt aviatikmorane
Wreath Stand – Jian (c) Kalia Firelyte
L&P Halloween Lantern ~ (c) Sangi Phaeton
Ax #2 ~ (c)Rubystarlight Writer ~ part of pose
Serenity Style Welcome Rain Kit (c) Hans Inshuan Serenity
FD Spider Web (c) aimy rayna
DRD Series 01 Blood drops, splatters & smudges (c) deathrowdesigns
Bloody knife ~ (c) allyson Dwyer-Applewhyte
Ghost Companion ~ The Artist Shed (c) MargeKinson
Arana/Spider Capulina (c) roudoudou hirons **M**
Body Bag (c) Dawntay Darkrose **M**
Hell bike II (c) Odessa Soyer
Trompe Loeil Geonna Hanging Lantern (c) cory edo
*Funky*Junk* SheShed (c) Ulaa Coronet
Action Autumn Leaves (c) Maz Pixel **M**
Stepping Stones (c) Eric Linden **M**

Stand out…

Sometimes you just want to stand out and what better way to do that than in this bra and pantie applier from *SUKI* called LUCA then adding stand out jewelry like these gorgeous pieces from *Chop-Zuey* called Heaven & Earth adding a little make -up so the pieces speak for themselves then topping it off with a killer pair of heels like this pair from * OH PAIR!* named KYLIE to make your legs look beautiful….
All of the items I have mentioned are being show at *Designer Showcase* in this round and is on until the 30th of October,but let me show you a close up of each of the wonderful Items and you can see for yourself the detailing that has gone into each piece yourselves…


Heaven & Earth by Chop Zuey

The Earrings& Necklace set from *Chop-Zuey* as you would expect is done to the highest quality and has 2 different sets one with a fringe as seen here on the necklace or without as seen on the earrings giving the a very unique look and you will also be pleased to know they can be re-sized, just outstanding pieces as always from Belle..

The applier for the bra and pantie set from *Suki* comes in 5 color options including the black you see me showing you here also appliers for Slink,Belleza,TMP and Maitreya that I am wearing,appliers are great for keeping if you need something under your dresses and don’t want them to show through.. and just look at the detailing in the back view of this set.. a real treat to show off your underwear now and then don’t you think..

I am loving these boots from *Oh Pair!* they come with a very full hud to customize and accessorize any of your outfits it also gives you the option of course change the color of every part of the boot the only thing you may find is which color to choose to go with when you go out on a date lol ..

Think I had better make a move as looks like the I may have thrown a green sock in with the washing ..laughs Oh! Well a Witches work is never done….
You will find these and many more things to look at when you take my ..Super Broom .. and fly to Designer showcase..Have Fun Shopping people…As this will be my last fashion blog just would like to say thanks till we meet again be safe and hugs to all of you out there that have taken the time to read and comment… Thank you to Aisha for giving me the opportunity to do the posts and each and every one of the designer too…Dena♥♥

Poses Used by oOo-Marlena 2 &3
Location Private residence
skin YS&YS ILLY-tone 3
Amacci Hair Rhoda ~ Black Coal
CATWA HEAD Catya v3.0
Heaven & Earth Wht Earrings – Fringe Lft
Heaven & Earth Wht Necklace – Fringe
IKON Triumph Eyes- Electric
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V4.1
*YS&YS* ILLY Khaty Shape-Tweaked