Am baaack and ready to get back into blogging ~ if you noticed I changed my blog title again because something was not just right for me just being one type of blogger and I was only fooling myself into that type of thinking ~ maybe am not one of the top ten fashion bloggers, or destination bloggers or decor bloggers and maybe I do not have to have a ton of sponsors to feel good about who I am in Second Life ~ what I know for myself is I love taking pics whether it’s showing off clothes, destinations, friends or whatever and talking about the images ~ that is who I am ~ that is why I changed the title as it will be about this and that and not just fashion, not just a specific destination but a little of this, a little of that and I honestly want to make my blog interesting, informative, funny and possibly a little bit controversial…my hopes that you all will stick around and still support me as each of you have done with your comments and likes…thanks again♥

Shot at Backdrop City using gunpose #2 from -DeminAtions and I will do my best to include the LM’s just don’t shoot me if I forget ♥♥ btw bestie Dena truly hated those pants but I thought they worked perfectly for this shot hehehe


amara beauty -Charlotte skin in Honey PP Oct 2018
***ArisArisB&W~Alus87~ Imperial Harem Pant ~Maitreya
CATWA HEAD Catya v3.2
enVOGUE HAIR – Ravenna Bento
IKON Odyssey Eyes
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V4.1
Pure Poison – Gillian Sneakers
Slipper – Cadence Rings
Storybook – NO FVCKS – Savage
The Annex – Delilah Skirt – Pink Gradient Denim
Chop Zuey Willow Love – Engagement Ring
Yasum*Maitreya*Belly Gem*

Fall is here…

Fall has arrived at Calas

Arriving you can feel the crispness in the air looking about seeing the pumpkins scattered about along with the trees in all their splendor as you see autumn vibe all over Calas ~ there is this calmness that comes over you when you land as well as you can rez a gorgeous Water Horses to ride on the great trails that will take you around to the different sims that make up Calas…If you want a slower pace just set out walking to enjoy the gorgeous foliage that Ty and Truck have generously provided for some perfect photo ops ~ Calas is a place to explore, enjoy and there are carefully placed spots that you and a special someone can dance, cuddle or just sit ~ If you are all about good music Truck has pulled together a fantastic mix of music so remember to turn your sounds on to enjoy his always great selections of tunes ♥  Looking down the sidewalk you can see another favorite spot of mine…

Calas Coffee House 

A quiet spot to relax, sip on some coffee and just possibly people watch ~ I spoke with the 2 male visitors JakEnglandMartinn Moonites who are fans of Calas and both love coming here as much as possible…long time residents of SL they just have some really good memories visiting Calas and both enjoy seeing the change of seasons as much as myself…No matter how many times I walk around Calas and take pics am always spotting little details that Ty and Truck lovingly work in as it might be a new cat since we all know Truck loves cats with even he is not sure how many are on Calas but the number is in the double digits…From boat and balloon tours taking you around Calas, there is much to enjoy.  As well the Oz nightclub that when you arrive the schedule of live singers for you to plan a date night as Ty and Truck choose the best of the best singers, …after 10 years Calas is one place I never get bored coming here to enjoy, to take pics and to ride my WaterHorse around…please take this LM  to Calas to see as the pics don’t truly do justice to such a wondrous place ♥

Good cause


Yes am back as my RL Dog/House Sitting is keeping me busy, which means I am pretty much unplugged since I only have a desktop ~ will help with my Christmas ~ now if you are looking for something to do that is for a good cause the Scare Me Silly event is ongoing with a lot of tricks/treat goodies for you ~ some of you just might know someone that has diabetes and a lot of the proceeds will go towards trying to find cures and assist individuals to help improve their lifestyle as they live with diabetes…A lot of designers have graciously created some items that 100% will go to this charity and will be able to show you one of them ♥

Spiderwoman by BYRNE

Looking for a great costume for Halloween this will truly make an impression when you slip into this as well as grab an unsuspecting victim into your web hehehe ~ oh yes comes with those gloves, the Fang collar, and just remember those barbs are sharp ~ the xtra legs you can remove if you want ~ sexy, and very statement-making that the designer has made exclusive for this event and 100% will go to the Diabetes Foundation ~ Here is your ride to Scare Me Silly and to [BYNE] main store ~ enjoy…For those that have wondered about my blog, I will be back blogging full time starting on the 29th as I do have another long dog/house sitting job ~ till then remember to be good to yourselves ♥♥

Pud’s Very Subtle Bounce Physics
(BYRNE) SpiderWoman Dress – MAITREYA
(BYRNE) SpiderWoman Fang Collar
(BYRNE) SpiderWoman Glove LT- Maitreya
(BYRNE) SpiderWoman Glove RT- Maitreya
(BYRNE) SpiderWoman Legs
-SECRETS- Spider Mask Gift from [Glitzz]
CATWA HEAD Catya v3.2
CCD – Nose Piercing
Sintiklia Tanya
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V4.1
^^Swallow^^ Princess Ears

the bayou…


Oh, am sure you heard the stories about the Bayou where people get lost and some never make it out alive ~ where the landscape is stark and the waters hold snakes, gators and all sorts of waterfowl ~ a place you don’t wanna go unless you have a guide…that is just what I did was travel to the Black Bayou to discover a land that brings back all those memories for those that have gotten a glimpse maybe from the movies, tv’s or books…

BlackBayou What a great creation and truly love the starkness of the trees, water, and some rather interesting structures that you can only imagine the secrets they hold…really a remarkable place that even has a wooden boardwalk that you can walk around to different locations to get some incredible landscape shots… BlackBayou

Different types of waterfowl that just beg to have their images captured on film so those that really love places to go and explore just remember the Black Bayou and you won’t find any stores to go shopping or cafes to sit and sip your lattes this is truly an amazing place ♥ Did not see any residents wandering around but from the laundry hanging out to some buildings that would fairly pass as houses am sure there are some brave souls that love living down in the Black Bayou♥  Make sure when you go to dress accordingly as this is the Black Bayou with swamps, mosquitos and who knows what ~ ENJOY♥

“Time is like a river. You cannot touch the same water twice, because the flow that has passed will never pass again. Enjoy every moment of your life.”anonymous


trick or…

trick or treat?

I decided to take a look at the Destination Guide that SL provides and did the eeny meenie thing to see where I wanted to end up ~ before I tell you about my trip I will say turning my blog into a destination or travel blog am truly finding my niche as they say and honestly with the pressure of having to meet deadlines and doing things on my time frame am back to enjoying SL as it should be♥  After getting back from enjoying the Copperfield Winery I chose a Halloween theme to go/see ~ and followed one of the editor’s choices that was not right at the top ~ landing at Halloween Rock n Shock you are made aware of houses, pumpkins, and a very inviting atmosphere ~ as you walk around to make sure you grab a free trick/treat bag so when you start knocking on doors the candy has someplace to go LOL ~ free treats and they are calorie free as well hehehe ~ once done you need to hop in the pumpkin coach for a tour ♥


The pumpkin coach takes you on a rather interesting ride around Doll Island just a warning those dolls are very creepy I would keep your hands and feet in during the ride just a warning…



Once you finish with the tour you can hop out and go exploring like seeing that castle in the sky up there it’s not a bad walk lighted by torches so you won’t need a flashlight just giving you another warning that I am horrible at finding my way back out the door so try to remember how you came in as I spent several panic moments trying to find the door for outside ~ lot of spookiness going on that Island of Dolls so please remember I did warn you~ the entire sim is done really well that you will want to spend time walking around as I only covered a portion of what is here~this was just a peek to what RebelYell has in store for you… I am truly hoping that you are enjoying the way the blog is going as I would love comments or suggestions of places to see and hey they don’t all have to be Halloween themed but out of the way that might be interesting and you would like to share ♥  RL is grabbing me the next couple of days for one of my favorite dog sitting customers but will be back on Sunday ♥  Enjoy ~ ooops here is the RIDE hehehe

Wine country…


Yesterday I received a nice note from the owner of Copperfield Winery to come to see the updated winery and WOW am I so glad that I did as I thought it was really nice before it is absolutely amazing now♥ When you TP in you have this gorgeous horse-drawn carriage awaiting you to take you on a tour of the winery or the wedding venue ~ my suggestion is to take at least one as you can always just stand up and walk around to just the place is immense now with 2 complete sims…All the trees are in full fall splendor showing off a variety of autumn colors making so many photo ops for those that love taking landscapes♥


From the layout of the entire winery, there is so much to see that you might have to come back several times to really immerse yourself and feel the full impact of what Copperfield Winery has to offer ~ yes they do have a place where you can pick and stomp your grapes if you truly want to get into the spirit ~ they still have the wine tasting and free bottles for you to enjoy in your own home too♥


Looking for a romantic out of the way place to enjoy a dinner with your sweetheart or even plan a first date with someone special~ this is in the wine cellar very private as you see the table is set with candles along with being able to choose a bottle of wine to go with your meal ♥


Speaking of romance, Copperfield Winery has expanded to include a gorgeous wedding venue nestled among the trees and flowers with a reception w/tables right next to it ~ If you are looking for a place for your wedding consider speaking to the owners for prices ~ what a simply stunning setting to hold a wedding ♥♥ There is a lot more to discover and enjoy at the Copperfield Winery that I do not want to give everything away just will say you do really have to spend time walking around, following the signage to discover all the nuggets Copperfield Winery has to offer ~ The owner Norivne Copperfield is such a delightful person to chat with along with really making this one of the best wineries in SL you will ever see ♥ Here is your RIDE ~ please enjoy ♥

thank you again to Norivne for inviting me ~ as well to my friends who have reached out to me to share some of their favorite places to go ♥  am also inviting my readers to share a favorite place that you might like to share with others ~ take care

“Think of all the beauty that’s still left in and around you and be happy! “~ Anne Frank


Pumpkin time…


Remember I told you yesterday that I was going to show you there is more to Second Life than just shopping ~ yesterday a friend and I found this out of the way Pumpkin Patch that you can pick your own pumpkins and also carve them too♥ Seriously you can carve them if you want or let the carver surprise you ~ for me that is the fun part picking out pumpkins and seeing what kind of face you can make out of it ~ I chose 3 different kinds of pumpkins smooth, squished and blobby ~ you will have a waiting period to choose another pumpkin but you can spend that time wandering around looking in the store at the creators masks if you want…here is the result and yes my carving is so childish that I just said surprise me hehehe

carved pumpkins

Pretty cool right and they all look different ~ really good variety of different shapes for you to choose ~ seems there will be coming soon 2 more different pumpkin patches and I will try to revisit and give you a look ~ After you have chosen your pumpkin make sure you take a ride on the steam trolley that will ride you around the entire sim and see what else is available ~ the scenery is gorgeous with the fall leaves sporting their gorgeous fall colors ~

enjoying the ride 

There are various places for some great photo ops and not wanting to give it all away but some interesting things to discover on the Sim itself ~ please take time to enjoy this sim and remember to visit Pumpkin Patch and get your share of those pumpkins ♥  Thanks goes to Punkrella Summers for creating this unique idea♥♥  I sent out a notecard to my friends and I love to have your help in sharing with me some of your favorite places to visit please♥ thanks bunches and for all those who do take time to read my blog posts it means so much to me ~ hugzz♥ till next time when I go back to revisit a really nice winery in SL ♥